Last Possession tells stories of Syrian refugees

(Heartfelt new work from VMLY&R)

As the Syrian crisis marks its tenth anniversary, Save the Children Global has launched their latest campaign “The Last Possession.”  The campaign aims to support children and their families in Zaatari Refugee Camp through awareness and donations. 

​​The initiative is inspired by the last items that Syrian children carried with them as they fled their home country. These are items they took on their long journey, and often is the only item they brought with them from home.  Watch below:

These simple items such as a blanket, a football, or a musical instrument hold many painful yet inspiring stories. Save the Children and VMLY&R collected these Syrian stories of these possessions. Photos and stories were then collated and presented together in an art bound book. 

The book is designed to illustrate what it really means to be a Syrian refugee and having to flee your home country. Each page tells a story of a different child, told through the very last thing they owned. 

Contributions will spark a positive change in the lives of Syrian children and their families in the Zaatari refugee camp.


CLIENT: Save the Children 

Client Leads: Jennifer Kendra, Diala Khamra, Safa’a Al Jaoyoussi


  • Global Chief Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven 
  • Chief Creative Officer: Kalpesh Patankar
  • Creative Director: Emad Khayyat
  • Managing Director: Ivan Milovanovic
  • Art Directors: Ivan Bormaister, Kapil Bhimekar, Kalpesh Patankar
  • Writers: Kartik Rajan , Dhruv Warrior, Sambhav Khandelwal
  • Photographer: Husam Abu Salha 
  • Producers: Shubha Bharill, Jumana Saadeh