Kia K5 lands a first-ever flat spin 360-degree stunt

(Incredible stunt performed by Kia K5)

When we first watched this Kia “K5 Live” stunt on the 72nd Emmy Awards broadcast, our initial reaction was a genuine, jaw-dropping f*ck! Upon seeing it again, our reaction was “dope AF!”

The latest work from our friends at David&Goliath underscores the fact that Kia K5 may just be the most powerful midsize sedan on the road. demonstrates once again its on-road prowess and dynamic performance by taking on an unrivaled, never-before-landed stunt. Ever.

In a stunt straight out of the Fast&Furious, the :60 effort titled “Flat Spin Stunt,” features legendary Hollywood stunt driver Jalil Jay Lynch taking the wheel of the powerhouse K5 once more while pulling off an incredible stunt in the 360 degree, nose-to-tail, flat spin jump between two ramps.

Directed by the most sought after action director in Hollywood Darrin Prescott, known for his visceral directing in films including Baby DriverDrive, and Black Panthera challenge was placed in the hands of Lynch, who, despite more than 350 film credits to his name, had never attempted or landed a stunt like this. Actually, nobody had. Until now. Watch below:

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“When we began working with Darrin Prescott (our director) we knew right away that we had someone with a depth of experience in automotive stunts like no other. And we immediately began working with him to isolate a stunt that nobody had ever successfully landed for K5,” said Mark Koelfgen, executive creative director and copy writer at  David&Goliath. 

He adds, “The ‘Flat Spin’ had been something many stunt drivers had theorized was possible. But none of them had actually pulled it off. As soon as we heard that, we knew that was the stunt we wanted to do. It was just so quintessentially Give It Everything, in addition to setting up K5 as a dramatic contrast to the yawn-fest the sedan category had become.” 

Additional elements of “Flat Spin Stunt” include :30 and :15 cut downs that will be used across both broadcast and digital platforms. 

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SOURCE: David&Goliath

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