K-Y slides into new Valentine’s Day campaign

(New campaign from K-Y)

Valentine’s Day has lost much of its cultural luster and sex appeal. A day steeped in pervasive clichés, many people – Millennials in particular – are rejecting this overly-commercialized holiday. Love doesn’t come with a receipt, so why do all the ways we celebrate it? This Valentine’s Day, K-Y wants to remind the world that the best way to express love, to yourself or another, is through self-care and pleasure.

In a new campaign created by Elephant, K-Y is pushing aside the clichés of romance and inviting people to “Choose Pleasure” instead.

The integrated effort includes online videos that are filled with color and sensuality – using a 3D prism inspired by the K-Y ruby as the key design element – to convey the many facets of emotional and physical connection.

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“In the past year, we have seen a significant shift in prioritizing self-care and celebrating connection at home – with yourself and with loved ones,” said Cynthia Chen, President, North America Health at RB. “And we believe there’s no better self-care than sex-care. ‘Choose Pleasure’ serves as a call to action to show self-care, love and preservation – for any and all.”

Other elements include digital/social assets and a K-Y Pleasure Box. The box includes best-selling products such as Yours & Mine and Moisture Plus, and also serves as a beautiful keepsake for all sexual enhancers right by your bedside. 

The campaign is part of K-Y’s brand platform, “Good for You,” that Elephant developed last year to help the brand claim its status as an icon in the sexual wellness space.

“The boom in self-care has made everyone more aware of mental, emotional and physical well-being – yet sexual well-being has only just started being embraced as part of it,” said Eric Moore, CEO of Elephant. “Never before has the insight – sex care is self-care – been more true. As the original advocate for sexual pleasure, K-Y is constantly reinventing the sex care category and sexual wellness. We launched ‘Good for You’ to bring this trailblazing mindset to life, making K-Y synonymous with pleasure and putting sex care on everyone’s wellness agenda.”

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The campaign will run through the end of March with ads appearing on sites such as Refinery29, Bustle, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.