Jeep repurposes ‘Groundhog Day’ for stay home message

(Murray allowed footage to be used without extra charge)

It’s like Groundhog Day all over again. But different. In an effort to galvanize Americans and encourage them to stay home, when possible, while also celebrating first responders, Fiat Chrysler has revived its “Groundhog Day” Super Bowl ad featuring actor Bill Murray as part of a series of social media videos for its brands and the coronavirus pandemic.

Titled “Same Day,” the new spot plays off its award-winning “Groundhog Day” Super Bowl commercial featuring Bill Murray as Phil Connors from the iconic 1993 film.

However, instead of Murray getting out and about in his Jeep, he stays in bed. The video encourages people to stay inside with the hashtag #StayOffTheRoad: “We understand that every day is starting to seem the same. Stay home. Stay healthy. When this is all over, the trails will be waiting.” Watch below:

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Olivier Francois

“We want to send messages of hope, solidarity and optimism to everyone who is doing their part to combat the spread of the virus, for the people staying at home and to those working on the frontlines,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA. “Our goal as an automotive company is to encourage all Americans whose current conditions allow them to stay off the road to now do so, so that we can get back on it that much sooner.”

He added, “Most of the work you’ll see in the coming days and weeks is rich with emotion, comfort and resilience. I do think, however, that we should not forget about the importance of a good smile or a good laugh, too, as it joins people together and offers a feeling of normalcy or relief in such unprecedented times. So, you are going to see some additional content coming from us that reflects that spirit, as well.”

He also said Murray allowed the automaker to use footage from the Super Bowl ad free of charge.

The #StayAtHome hashtag being used across social media channels around the world. The brands will launch both video and static posts over the coming weeks.

The original Super Bowl spot was created by Chicago-based Highdive.