It’s Luke Skywalker v Harry Potter in epic rap battle

(You will not watch anything better than this)

Oh… My… Effin… God. This video just made the Geek’s week and it hasn’t even begun yet. Last week, animator Forrest Whaley, who is known for his work on The Ultimate Lego Race (2009), The Lego Batman & Superman Movie (2009) and Lego Batman: Jokers Team-Up! (2011), released a LEGO stop-motion animation Epic Rap Battle, mashing up the worlds of Harry Potter and Star Wars.

However, instead of using wands and lightsabers, the two beloved characters use the power of their mics.

Several LEGO sets from both themes also make an appearance. These include Hogwarts Express, Millennium Falcon and Hogwarts Castle. With lines and puns delivered by Epic Rap Battle creators, EpicLloyd and NicePeter, Luke and Harry respectively, the video is waaaaay better than cold Butterbeer or Princess Leia’s slave costume in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Watch below:

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“Being able to have this size budget for this scale of a project is nice. Because it’s not multiple videos, it’s not over 10 minutes; it’s pretty scaled-down. I mean, it’s a long Epic Rap Battle, but it’s not that long of a video overall. Once you start hiring additional animators and putting a plan in place, things start to move really quickly. And that’s exciting because every single day, you’re getting animation sent,” Whaley told Comic Book

There’s also a nifty behind-the-scenes video for viewers who are more interested in the process of actually making a video as detailed and professional looking as the rap battle is:

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The Epic Rap Battle of History series has been going strong for 10 years with six seasons. Previously the series has used LEGO stop-motion in a video facing Zeus against Thor.

Harry vs. Luke has more than 4 million views.

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