Is The Flash “one of the greatest superhero films of all time?”


It finally happened. After years of delays. After a year or so of Ezra Miller engaging in controversial acts around the globe. After years of directors and writers becoming attached then separated. The Flash, from IT director Andy Muschietti, finally premiered in Las Vegas at CinemaCon.

And it sounds like WBD and DC Studios have a hit on their hands despite all of the delays and distractions.

Recently, the film has been hyped up by those who caught earlier screenings (and by the studio), with even DC Studios head honcho, James Gunn, declaring it as “one of the greatest superhero films of all time.”

Those who attended shared their initial reactions to Twitter. Do these reactions reflect those opinions? For the most part, yes! Have a look below:

WBD/DC Studios Unleash New Flash Trailer

To coincide with the world premiere of The Flash, the studio also released a new trailer that quite frankly, is super exciting.

Inspired partially by the 2011 comic book event known as FlashpointThe Flash sees Barry Allen (Miller) tapping into the speed force to travel years back in time to save his parents; his father was wrongfully blamed for the murder of his wife, who was killed under mysterious circumstances.

Preventing that event fundamentally changes the timeline, creating a reality in which superheroes don’t exist so there’s no one to stop General Zod (Michael Shannon) when he comes to invade Earth. We see a lot more of Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. And actually… less of Barry and Batfleck. Watch below:


The studio also released a new poster and key art:

It does sound like WBD/DC Studios has a potentially major hit on their hands… as long as they can keep Ezra Miller out of controversy.

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