Interview with ‘Second Team’ director Ria Pavia

(Ria Pavia is the director of Second Team)

It’s no secret women are underrepresented in the Film Industry, but Ria Pavia has built an abundance under her belt, from starting out as actress, casting director, acting coach, and now into the spotlight, Director.  

Ria was born in Ohio, and raised in Rochester, NY. After college, She moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue acting which led to the start of her journey in storytelling.

Her career in the entertainment industry launched with performing gymnastics in a tampon commercial in the ‘80s. This stint propelled her into acting in TV commercials, guest spots, and film roles. Next, Ria donned her scribe hat, working as a staff writer on Ask Harriet (starring Ed Asner) and Pauly (starring Pauly Shore) for FOX.

She worked on prominent films including Candyman, Twister, and Freeway to name a few. She transitioned into an acting coach to guide a team of performers on Grown-ish, which led to her directorial debuts.

Additionally, Ria has scripted television pilots, features, plays, and content for various digital platforms. She served as a “punch up” writer on many feature films. Ria’s career then segued into directing for the stage, where she has helmed more than 20 plays and musicals. Second Team marks Ria’s film directorial debut.

The prestigious Oscar Qualifying Film Festival Hollyshorts went virtual this season, and with an array of multicultural films, Ria Pavia’s new short comedy Second Team hit the circuit, and this film had their audience full of laughs. 

The result is a hilarious short film that takes us behind the scenes of what happens when the cameras are off, an unexpected turn of events that are sometimes more wildly entertaining. We had a chance to sit down with Ria and discuss the inspiration and more behind the film. Watch below;

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Second Team was birthed after I logged thousands of hours in dozens of video villages over three decades,” told Reel 360.

She added, “On season two of a recent gig, instead of wandering to crafty for yet more unearned snacks during down time, I decided to stay put and study the unsung heroes on our soundstage; the stand-ins for the leads. This group was markedly more dedicated than any I had encountered. Despite being overworked and under-appreciated, they’d spring into action each time the words “Lighting Mode” were uttered.”

There’s even a poster:

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Jessica Velle is writer from Los Angeles, CA. She focuses on shining a light on culturally diverse stories.