Creative Director Edi Inderbitzin fights teen depression with stunning photos

(Day 1)

Between 2009 and 2017, rates of depression among kids ages 14 to 17 increased by more than 60% and in 2017, more than one in eight Americans ages 12 to 25 experienced a major depressive episode, a study found. At the beginning of 2019, creative director and photographer, Edi Inderbitzin, started the project “Every Waking Hour.”

The project was created with the intention to bring awareness to depression among young Americans caused by social media.

One seemingly obvious factor contributing to this disturbing increase is the prevalence of social media in our everyday lives. It’s no secret that social media has a tendency to gloss over real life and make others’ lives look unattainably perfect. With kids spending anywhere from six to nine hours a day on different platforms, surrounding themselves with these unachievable examples, it’s no wonder they’re feeling dissatisfied and depressed.

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By taking a photo literally every waking hour for a year, Inderbitzen’s hope was to spotlight the normal, “not curated” life and show that there is beauty in every waking moment if we are willing to take a closer look.

While we’re all in quarantine, Inderbitzin decided it was time to inspire people to show their real “ordinary” lives vs. their Instagram curated lives. His project shows people how to find the beauty in the otherwise¬†normal moments.¬†

The project showcases 5091 photos that display Inderbitzin’s life as a creative director in LA, and his travels to Mexico, Berlin, Hamburg, and Switzerland

Day 2
Day 14
Day 17
Day 24

The intention of this project is to show that greatness can be found in those moments that aren’t perfectly curated. The imperfect, raw and real moments lived in between the “Instagrammable moments” are beautiful and just as meaningful.

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Inderbitzin is an LA-based creative director. Half Swiss, half Mexican, he refers to himself as “Swexican.” The son of a Swiss father and Mexican mother, he was born in Mexico City. He spent his youth living in Mexico, Switzerland, Iran, and Portugal. At the age of 18 he moved to Hamburg, Germany where he studied graphic design, advertising, and photography.

Edi Inderbitzin

After several years working as an Art Director in Hamburg, Inderbitzen pursued his career opportunities in Sweden, NYC, Detroit, Boulder, Berlin, and LA where he is currently living, working and writing this about section in third person.

He has always been interested in art, music, and film. His ability to look at things from different perspectives and angles is what made him an award-winning creative and a photographer that looks at his subjects from various viewpoints.

You can see Inderbitzin ‘s stunning work by clicking here.