Ice-T, Stone Cold Steve Austin take Tide cold calls

(New campaign from Saaatchi for Tide is cold)

Saatchi & Saatchi NY’s latest campaign for Tide sees the launch of the Tide Cold Callers.

The brand is promoting its Tide Cold Water product and asking consumers to turn to cold (water) because of the environmental benefits. As part of this campaign Tide is turning their signature bullseye logo blue across social.

The spots themselves will run on Broadcast TV, OLV, digital, social, radio and in-store. The creative leans heavily into humour. Saatchi ran with the idea of ‘cold callers,’ in this case ‘icons of cold’ Ice-T (Tracy Lauren Marrow) and Stone Cold Steve Austin who have partnered up to cold call celebrities and ask them to turn to cold!!

Companies traditionally make cold calls when they’re desperate so Saatchi flipped that on its head, what if cold calling was used for good, in this case to help the environment. The Cold Callers give the spots charming flair and create a few laughs as they call peeps like rapper Vanilla Ice, Mr. T, Mark Messier and Annie Murphy. Watch below:

The launch of the campaign coincides with Tide’s 75th birthday and their Ambition 2030 announcement which outlines Tide’s key sustainability goals for the next decade.

The campaign is a much better move than the current Car Shield spots for Ice-T.