Holly Robinson Peete claims Trump called her ‘N-Word’

(Peete appeared on Season 9 of Celebrity Apprentice)

The President is having quite the week. Coming off of losing the election to President-elect Joe Biden two weeks ago, impeached incumbent Donald Trump has been playing golf, playing The Apprentice in the West Wing and, oh yeah, not conceding the election, which he lost fair and square. Now actress and activist, and my Mt. Airy, Philadelphia neighbor and fellow Virgo, Holly Robinson Peete is claiming the Orange One called her the N-word during the season nine finale of Celebrity Apprentice.

During an interview on SiriusXM’s The Karen Hunter Show, Peete recalled the moment. Peete claimed Trump used the slur when it came down to choosing a winner of the competition between Peete and singer Bret Michaels.

Note, Peete, who starred on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, 21 Jump Street and Meet the Peetes, didn’t actually hear him use the N-word, she found out about it after taping had finished. But let’s also be real, can we picture Donald using the N-word? I think we all know the answer to that.

“I found him to be kind of piggish and bullish and stuff, but I didn’t find him to be just this… who he is now, I did not see that,” Peete started.

“Shortly after the finale, rumors started going around that he had tossed out an ‘N-word’ referring to me. “And I was like, ‘huh?’ When the producer told me when it happened, during the finale, I remember the moment. I wasn’t in earshot, but I could see them deciding between me and Bret Michaels,” Peete added.

Recounting the N-word moment, Peete said she saw Trump “talking with producers and they’re really animated and that was when I heard that he said, ‘They want the ‘N-word’ to win.’ Because I guess the network wanted me to win or me to be chosen and Trump wanted Bret.”

“I heard it and you know, how could anybody believe that he wouldn’t say something like that? I firmly believe he probably uses that language all the time. And then by the time it sort of started resurfacing, I didn’t even really address it too much because I felt like, what difference is it going to make? People have accepted the things that he said that are so vile about so many other people, what difference is it going to make if he said that about me,” Peete said.

Watch the below:

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Elsewhere in the interview, Peete discussed Trump’s narcism.

Comedian Noel Casler, who worked on Celebrity Apprentice, actually revealed it in a tweet last year, but he did not name Peete. Now, he addressed it publicly in a tweet.

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The actress then complimented Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. “When your friends get to high places, the good news is, is that you know their heart. You really do know their heart. And I think people will discover Kamala to be not just a very, very fierce and capable politician and advocate for people,” said Peete.

Again, Peete may not have heard Trump say it. But come on…

SOURCE: Eurweb

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