Hohem unveils 1st lightweight Smartphone gimbal


During the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Hohem Technology drew great attention of multiple buyers, journalists and third parties to its innovative and all-new smartphone gimbal, iSteady X. Officially launching in February 2020, the iSteady X is designed to solve the pain points of users with a foldable design and multiple creative functions like a 15-second video sharing button.

Here are some highlights of the product:

The Lightest

iSteady X stands out among others for it is the world’s first lightweight handheld smartphone gimbal. Compared to traditional smartphone gimbals, iSteady X weighs only 249g, making it the world’s lightest three-axis smartphone gimbal. The lighter weight makes it easier to record your everyday life and journey.


The foldable design makes iSteady X more compact and streamlined. Measuring only the size of a palm when folded up, it is convenient for users to carry around, hold in their hands, or put in their pockets, making it the ideal gadget for vloggers or those who like shooting with their smartphones.

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Moment Mode, New Community APP

iSteady X has a set of buttons that allow users to instantly master the operation without pre-learning. Just by pressing one button, users can launch multiple modes including Moment Mode and Face-Tracking. iSteady X is equipped with first-class anti-shake movement, the newest anti-shake algorithm iSteady, and the enhanced motor control scheme, so as to support a maximum load of 280g.

SOURCE: Hohem Global