Another wedding? Here’s how Brian Tee exits Chicago Med this week

Brian Tee
Yay DaCosta, Brian Tee

We can never get too much love and matchmaking with our favorite characters on One Chicago. What better way for Brian Tee to celebrate his final episode on Chicago Med, after playing Dr Ethan Choi for 8 seasons, than to marry the love of his life, April Sexton played by Yaya DaCosta.

When Chicago Med returns for their Fall Finale with a new episode on December 7, 2022, This Could Be the Start of Something New will be the last appearance of Brian Tee.

Tee’s final appearance in front of the camera will bring happy closure to his storyline and romance with April Sexton who is played by Yaya DaCosta who exited the series back in 2021 after 6 seasons. DaCosta returned to the series in the Season 8 premiere episode and the two quickly rekindled their relationship. 

This episode will feature their wedding.

We have exclusive photos of April’s gorgeous wedding dress, designed by Lebanese-Italian designer Tony Ward, as well as what executive producers of the show have planned for the happy couple. 

“They’re starting a mobile clinic so that together they can take first-rate medical care to underserved neighborhoods in Chicago,” co-showrunner Andrew Schneider told People. Schneider also said that Ethan and April would “remain in town” which leaves the door open for either Tee or DaCosta to reprise their roles in the future.

Co-showrunner Diane Frolov talked about why it was decided to bring April and Ethan back together and for them to get married.

“Both have evolved professionally and emotionally in ways that allow them finally to join their lives together,” Frolov said. “When they reconnected earlier this season, April saw that Ethan was now more open, less rigid; and Ethan realized he could now be the man she needed. This allowed the feelings both still felt for one another to blossom.”

Frolov said the wedding gave the characters “closure and a happy ending to the Ethan-April love story. It also felt like a compelling next chapter in his life as a doctor.” 

Tee hinted about his last episode when he announced he was leaving the series in October, “What we’ve been planning for Dr Choi’s sendoff is fitting, and it’s beautiful. I think the fans are going to absolutely love it. It’s going to bring a little bit of the new Ethan and a little bit of the old. Know that Episode 9 is going to be an amazing one.”

Even though this might be the last we see of Tee in front of the camera, he will be returning later in the season when he makes his directorial debut for Episode 16. 

The Fall Finale – Episode 9 will air on NBC on Wednesday night December 7, 2022 at 7 pm CST and begin streaming on Peacock on Thursday.