Heinz Ketchup’s incredibly simple and smart ads

(Rethink makes us think about Reel Ad of the Week)

These are the kinds of ads that made me want to get into advertising. Just incredibly simple and smart. When you see them, you slap your forehead thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” And that is what Toronto/Vancouver agency Rethink has gone and done with their visually-driven and stunning print and digital campaign for Heinz Ketchup.

This campaign is the latest in a series of creative work that has explored Heinz’s category leadership. Famous for its slow pouring ketchup, which has come to life as an all-red ketchup puzzle, and recently, as the world’s slowest loading website, Heinz continues to tout its icon status with ads that highlight its keystone logo in a delicious new way. 

Using only the line, “It has to be…” the creative from Rethink shows food that Heinz pairs best with in the shape of the iconic keystone. With no additional branding, it’s an effort few brands could pull off.  

The campaign launch is supported both in digital, print and out-of-home with CGI images of Heinz ketchup paired with summer’s favorite foods: burgers, hot dogs and fries. Look below:

“Heinz is the originator. It’s the Ketchup,” said Daniel Gotlib, associate director, brand building and innovation at KraftHeinz. “Earlier this year, we launched the Draw Ketchup campaign, where we anonymously asked people to simply draw ketchup. What we saw, time and time again, was that people drew the iconic Heinz bottle. That intuitive association with the Heinz logo crystallized our approach for this campaign.”

For food, the ketchup clearly has to be Heinz. And for this Reel Ad of the Week, the agency has to be Rethink.

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