Halo Infinite invites us to become heroes

(Master Chief is back)

Halo Infinite is the latest installment of the blockbuster Halo franchise and is a sci-fi action/adventure game developed by 343 Studios for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The game is considered a “spiritual reboot” and signals the return of the iconic hero the Master Chief.

Recently, the heroes we love to watch in pop culture seem a lot like us: they’re brooding anti-heroes mired down by self-doubt and personal demons. But in a time where we love to bring heroes down to our level, the Master Chief remains an ideal. He’s the hero we all wish we could become. And unlike those other heroes, we can. All we have to do is pick up the controller. 

Through the “Forever we Fight” and “Carry On” films, and the Become Master Chief Experience, the Halo Infinite: Become campaign establishes the Master Chief as a heroic mantle for all of us. We’ve always believed in heroes, it’s time to become one. Watch Forever We Fight below:

Throughout history, humanity has called on true heroes to rise. The Master Chief stands on the shoulders of the many heroes that came before him. This live-action film chronicles moments throughout history, in which a variety of everyday people accept the call to become heroes. The film draws a line that connects early human existence to the near future and leads us directly to the future events of the Halo universe. 

There have always been heroes. In the face of enveloping darkness and insurmountable odds, someone must always find the strength to step forward and accept the challenge. To become something larger than themselves. This film explores the long line of heroes throughout history who have answered the call to light the way, from the distant past to the near future. Master Chief carries the legacy of all these heroes with him as he charges into battle, the latest to take up the mantle. ​ Watch Carry On below:

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Most video game commercials lead the viewer directly to the precipice of the battle, before asking them to pick up the controller and continue the story themselves. But “Carry On” is a direct continuation of the battle teased at the end of “Forever We Fight.” In this :30 film, created by 215 McCann, viewers directly in the fray with the Master Chief as he battles his way through an army of fearsome Brute warriors, leading to a cinematic face-off between the Chief and the Brute General Tovarus. 

Become Master Chief Experience

Because we never see his face, the Master Chief has always been a vessel every gamer can step into and  assume the mantle of a true hero. In 2021, we’re turning Xbox’s iconic hero into a mirror for the many faces of Halo fandom both past, present, and future.  

In the experience, the face behind the Master Chief’s visor will be revealed for the first time. And it’s all of us. Become Master Chief allows all fans to scan their face and map them directly into a customized version of the “Carry On” :15 cut down. 

To launch this experience, a series of surprising and diverse celebrities and influencers will use the Become Master Chief Experience and reveal themselves as the iconic hero on their social channels with the message “We are all Master Chief.” EXPLORE HERE


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