Fans pay $4K to buy billboard supporting James Gunn


Soooo you’re driving down the 5 Freeway, on your way to Disney, and amid other billboards for the amusement mecca and fast food what will you now see – you guessed a new digital billboard created by a group of fans to show their support for director James Gunn who was fired from “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3.”

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the fans spent over $4,000 to run the ad just four miles out from Disneyland in Anaheim which reads, “Save the Galaxy: James Gunn for Vol. 3.”

One of the men behind the billboard, Giuseppe Cincinnato, explains his reasons for getting the billboard erected for the director who was let go when some of his controversial tweets resurfaced.

“We really love Gunn as both a creator and the man we’ve seen him mature into,” Cincinnato told THR. “Even if this wasn’t going to cause Disney to see their mistake, we could at least show James Gunn how much support he has in his corner of the galaxy.”

Will it work? Heck no. But what it does show the studios is that fans are becoming more and more vested (and thus, vocal) in the products being released. Earlier this year, Reel Chicago ran a story about Itzmoe, a Social Media influencer, who launched a protest outside of Warner Bros, demanding that the studio release Zack Snyder’s version of the superhero flop, Justice League.