‘Empire Strikes Back’ marks 40th bday with new poster

(Happy 40th to the greatest of all Star Wars films)

The Empire Strikes Back, released 40 years ago today, is still regarded by many as the best of all Star Wars films. The Reel 360 team does not disagree. Marking the 40th anniversary of its theatrical release, Lucasfilm has now shared a new poster in celebration of the Irvin Kershner-directed film.

The official poster comes from renowned Star Wars and Marvel artist Matt Ferguson, and spotlights several of the most memorable moments from the film, including our first look at the returning Darth Vader in his Meditation Chamber, the AT-AT assault on the Hoth rebel base, and that first confrontation between Luke Skywalker and Vader which lead to the now iconic “no, I am your father” reveal.

“Happy 40th birthday #TheEmpireStrikesBack!, Ferguson tweeted. “Here’s my new official one sheet poster for the film. It was SUCH a pleasure & an honour making this #StarWars art for Lucasfilm and Disney. I should be able to share more next week as well.”

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And for sh*ts and giggles, here is the original trailer:

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Happy Birthday Empire Strikes Back!

SOURCE: Disney