Director Najeeb Tarazi joins SixTwentySix

(Courtesy SixTwentySix)

Further expanding its directorial roster, creative studio and production company SixTwentySix is pleased to announce it has signed multi-disciplinary commercial, music video, and film director Najeeb Tarazi for US commercial and music video representation.

A first-generation Lebanese-American talent, Tarazi’s experience spans various realms with work for agencies, record labels, brands, and artists ranging from retro animation to cinematic live-action. He has helmed an array of captivating campaigns for notable clients including agencies like Virtue, 72&Sunny, The Richards Group, and Media.Monks for brands that include Dr. Pepper, Snap, Capital One, Logitech, and Sweetgreen; and has directed talent from Naomi Osaka and Tony Hawk to AC/DC and TikTok star Josh Richards. 

His work has garnered distinctions and awards from across the globe, including recognition from SXSW and 1.4’s Showcase Gold, as well as multiple accolades from Vimeo, where he’s collected five Staff Picks and Best of Year honors.

After graduating with a BA in Physics from Harvard College, Tarazi cut his teeth in the film industry by receiving his start working as a technical programmer and director at Pixar. Over his four years at the Disney-owned studio, he honed his talent and made a name for himself by working on films like Toy Story 3 and Monsters University. 

An inventor on two patents in the field of computer graphics, he made a historical, groundbreaking move in the creative industry with his music video “Another Love,” which became the first to feature volumetric video.

Tarazi’s work defies genre and challenges convention.  Visually, his style aims to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in the viewer.  Designing bespoke visuals and effects for each project, he is driven by the meaning or message behind each piece he creates.

In the tradition of light and space artists, Tarazi tries to inspire people to notice and take heed of how amazing their own ability to see and perceive the world can be. Empathetic and cognizant of the chaotic world we live in, he opts for mixing in a sense of humor with that sense of wonder, aiming to incorporate a lighthearted, whimsical feel in the work he creates.  Nimble and technically-astute, Tarazi is deeply perceptive at executing incredibly unique concepts and taking a simple visual trick, using it to develop characters and stories. 


Commenting on Tarazi’s addition to the roster, SixTwentySix Partner and Managing Director Jake Krask shares, “Najeeb is a true storyteller and artist. Between his background in being a storyteller and unique ability to integrate VFX in a thought-provoking yet simplistic way, he brings a POV that is rarely seen in this market. We are excited to support his passion for stories and projects to create content that captivates and inspires audiences.” 

“With his keen eye for detail and his unwavering dedication to his craft, we have no doubt that Najeeb will make a significant impact in the industry, and we feel honored to have him join our team,” adds SixTwentySix Partner and Executive Producer Austin Barbera. “We cannot wait to see what innovative and imaginative work he will bring to the table as we collaborate on future projects.”

On joining the SixTwentySix team, Tarazi reveals, “I met Jake and Austin when SixTwentySix was just getting started, and it seemed like everyone who crossed their path was impressed by them. Their excitement and ability to manifest their projects through some combination of sheer will and wisdom beyond their years are qualities I admire a lot. In this business there are a lot of people who are jaded or running on autopilot, but SixTwentySix is a company that is wide awake, forward looking, and excited to build the next generation of talent and content. I share their hustle and love of community, so it’s a great fit.”

Tarazi has recently filmed work for MassMutual and is currently in production on multiple projects. Alongside two short films, he is also filming a commercial for Microsoft. Next up, he will be directing American pop band LANY in a new music video for Interscope Records. His creative short, “One More Try,” just received a shortlist nomination by The One Club’s ADC Awards.

Reel 360 News wishes Najeeb the best of luck at SixTwentySix.

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