Curiosity powers SAS’ biggest move in 20 years

(New SAS global campaign from McCann)

Curiosity is transformative. It enables humans to ask bold questions and sparks innovation. Curiosity is also the heartbeat driving SAS’ all-new brand campaign, ‘Curiosity Forever’, built around a commitment to innovation and using data to move the world forward. 

SAS is a trusted partner that helps customers use data to accelerate decisions, create innovative products and services, and disrupt their industries.

A new multi-year global brand campaign, from our friends at McCann New York, which will be unveiled at the SAS Global Forum on May 18, rallies around the notion that curiosity is at the heart of human progress, especially when it’s harnessed and applied with intention, and with the right tools and tech. 

SAS launched this campaign with the rallying cry of ‘Curiosity Forever’. In addition, the campaign includes creative spanning five industry verticals (government, banking, healthcare, retail and manufacturing) as well as their platform, SAS Viya, – all centered around the theme that when curiosity meets capability, the human race takes off.  Watch below:

‘Curiosity Forever’ echoes these qualities. It’s a promise to SAS customers and users promoting innovation, best-in-class technology and social responsibility. This infinite curiosity is what fuels SAS to create the world’s leading and most trusted analytics. It’s what drives the discovery of new insights and helps inform better decisions.

“Analyzed data expands the reach of curious human minds and reveals new possibilities. Curiosity matters,” said Dr. James Goodnight, SAS CEO. “When harnessed to the right technology, curiosity can change the world. Together with our customers and partners, we dare to ask, ‘What if?’ In return, our customers live out the promise of SAS by improving bottom lines while making the world safer, stronger and more efficient.”

The campaign will run globally on OLV, Digital, Social, Print. To learn more about ‘Curiosity Forever’ click here

  • JENNIFER CHASE : Head of Marketing, Sr Vice President
  • SUSAN ELLIS : Director of Social Innovation and Brand
  • NATALIE OSBORN : Senior Director of Marketing
  • MIRKO MUELLER-GOOLSBEY : Director of Marketing Brand Activation
  • GREG SHANK : Sr Marketing Manager
  • TODD JOHNSON : Marketing Manager
  • CHRIS PATTI : Creative Director
  • SHAWN GILLEN : Principal Creative Specialist
  • AMANDA MACDOWELL : Global Brand Marketing Manager
  • BESS CREECH : Digital Marketing Manager


  • SEAN BRYAN: Co Chief Creative Officer
  • MAT BISHER : Executive Creative Director
  • JASON ASHLOCK : SVP Group Creative Director
  • DOM BACCOLLO: SVP Group Creative Director
  • DANIEL KIM: SVP Group Creative Director
  • ANNIE ELLIOTT : Creative Director
  • NICKIE THONGTON: Associate Creative Director
  • DAVID PEREA : Associate Creative Director
  • LIZ DER : SVP Executive Account Director
  • BILL POWERS: Account Director
  • VIA LIM : Account Executive
  • SAM CHOTINER : SVP Global Strategy Director
  • WILL ZWEIGART : VP Communication Strategy Director
  • DANIEL LAMMON : Strategy Director
  • DONNA MCCRACKEN : SVP Executive Integrated Producer
  • MADELINE MCCARTY : Business Affairs Manager
  • DEHLIA HENNESSY BROWN: Senior Project Manager
  • JULIA BROWN : Senior Project Manager
VFX: Method Studios
  • STUART ROBINSON : Managing Director
  • ADRIENNE MITCHELL : Executive Producer
  • JOHNNY LIKENS : Creative Director
  • EMILY SCHAEBERLE : Sr Design Producer
  • BILLY MCMILLEN : Producer and Creative Writer
  • NATALIA ZSHOLOBCHUK : Design Coordinator
  • SEAN SCHUR : VFX Supervisor
  • BEN K CHAN : Storyboard Artist
  • HANNAH WILK : VFX/Design Assist
  • THOMAS KARRAS : VFX/Design Assist
  • ANDREW HESS : Designer/Editor
  • PAUL CANTOR : Designer
  • VINNIE THOMAS : Designer
  • ANDREW PAULUS : Designer
  • KEVIN SANCHEZ : Designer
  • NATE SOTO : Designer
  • JUAN BELTRE : Designer