Columbus reporter harassed by Social Distance Denier

(Get back! Woman won’t back off reporter)

A video of a reporter being harassed by an unidentified Social Distance Denier outside a Columbus, Ohio courthouse protest has gone viral. The video, posted on Twitter by NBC4 reporter Adrienne Robbins, shows an unidentified woman not wearing a face mask yelling at Robbins.

We see the woman yelling at Robbins, telling her she’s sweating, uncomfortable and demanding she say her age.“Do you know the company you work for is lying to the American people?” the woman said to Robbins, not adhering to the six-feet distance rule which is highly advised while coronavirus COVID-19 is an issue. Watch below:

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Robbins repeatedly asked the woman to keep her distance, but was ignored. The woman was led off by someone.

Here is the tweet after the incident from Robbins who kept adjusting her mask after the woman got closer and closer to her to make a point.

SOURCE: Twitter