Chevy takes us on a classic holiday ride in a ’66 Impala

(Courtesy: Commonwealth McCann)

Stories of love are always a holiday classic. And in Chevy’s holiday film, it’s felt through the joyful and sometimes painful memories of a classic 1966 Chevy Impala.

Based on actual events, Commonwealth McCann teamed up with Academy Award-winners Tom Hopper (director), Claudio Miranda (director of photography) and Rachel Portman (composer) to tell the story of love, redemption and restoration. Because the greatest gift anyone can ever give is joy.

The video opens with a rural scene and a little acoustic guitar for the soundtrack. We see a man walking out to place a wreath on the doors of a barn, a Chevy Silverado 2500HD in the background. When the man opens the bar doors, we see a 1966 Chevy Impala parked.

The droptop Chevy looks like its seen better days, with flat tires, cobwebs, and a thick layer of dust covering the panels. As the man sits in the Chevy Impala, we see him lift up a photo of a young woman, presumably his wife. The man holds back his tears, overcome with emotion.

We later see the man’s daughter arrive in her Chevy Blazer crossover, watching her dad as he closes the barn doors. It looks like she gets an idea, and later heads into town to recruit some of the local mechanics for a little “night work” restoring the old Chevy Impala.

After grabbing the Chevy Impala out of the barn, we see the restoration process in action, sanding down the body and applying new paint, swapping out the wheels, and overhauling the engine.

The video ends with a reveal for the dad as he sees the classic Chevy Impala again in the barn, polished and once again like new. It’s a pretty emotional ad, and for those readers that need an uplifting holiday message, this ad could be the perfect thing. Watch the touching 4-minute film below:

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“Holiday Ride” began running across social platforms and national broadcast on December 13.


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