Camp Lucky provides post support to PSA to warn teens about Lean

(PSA looks at dangers of Lean)

DXM is short for dextromethorphan – a safe ingredient found in over-the-counter cough medicines that has to potential to be misused by teens in an unsafe mixture they call “Lean” to get high. To address this harmful behavior, The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) in collaboration with the Partnership to End Addiction asked creative agency, TracyLocke to create content that would warn teens of the dangers of “Lean” in a way that would resonate.

Titled, “Nobody Likes Themselves on Lean,” the new PSA illustrates the effects that abusing DXM can have on a teen’s life and the undesirable social consequences the morning after she posts a video of herself on lean. Audiences feel her regret as she is confronted with the stark reality that her embarrassing and irresponsible content from the night before has gone viral.

Camp Lucky provided post support to the spot, directed by Daisy Cutter’s Trey Hill, including editing, color, sound design & mix, to bring to light the negative side effects and harm – both physical and emotional – that can come from abusing DXM. Watch below:

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The spot ends with a call to action for teens to learn more at


AGENCY: TracyLocke

  • Shawn Kramer, Executive Creative Director
  • Sandy Stein, Head Writer
  • Ilaria Fabbri, Copywriter
  • Molly Brewer, Content Producer
  • Sydney Schwab, Account Supervisor

PRODUCTION: Daisy Cutter

  • Trey Hill, Director
  • Brett Cassel, Executive Producer

POST: Camp Lucky

  • Alex Heisterkamp, Editor
  • Neil Anderson, Color
  • Scottie Richardson, Sound Design/Mix
  • Seth Olson & Jake Odgers, VFX
  • Jessica Berry, Executive Producer
  • Kendall Kendall, Post Producer