McDonald’s believes a big day deserves a big breakfast


Triple Breakfast Stack
is burger giant’s first real
breakfast news since 2013

McDonald’s has announced it has really big breakfast.

Like really big. Really, really big.

Arriving on November 1, the world will meet (and hopefully eat) McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks. It’s described as a sandwich that “doubles down on some of customers’ favorite ingredients.”

The Triple Breakfast Stack comes well, stacked with two slices of American cheese between two sausage patties, all topped with bacon and an egg. The whole sandwich can be served as either a McMuffin, biscuit, or McGriddles.

Secret Menu Hacked

The golden arches claim that the idea didn’t originate in the kitchen, but with the customers. TBS (who wants to keep spelling it out?), McDonald’s first on the breakfast menu since 2013, came after noticing customers’ enthusiasm for so-called “Secret Menu” items.

“People have been hacking our menu for years – so much so that it’s inspired our new Triple Breakfast Stacks,” Manager of Culinary Innovation Chef Mike Haracz said in a statement. “We love seeing the fun ways our customers and McDonald’s crew have been creating their own takes on our classics. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next – you never know what might end up on our menu.”

But though menu hacking may have inspired this new sandwich, the reasons behind its launch are all business. Facing challenges from Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell at breakfast, McDonald’s is hoping breakfast can help save the day – this time by tapping into customers’ love of “secret menu” items and “menu hacks.”

During yesterday’s earnings call, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook specifically pointed to breakfast as a way to boost traffic, which declined over the most recent quarter.

“We want to do better at breakfast,” he said according to CNBC. “We’ve got some initiatives in place, which we are going see out through the next few months, and also some new food news, which we think will reenergize the day part.”

We Are Unlimited, Burrell, Alma and IW Group will handle advertising which hopefully will be as big as the sandwich.