Better Things’ Pamela Adlon directs campaign for Thinx

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It used to be that mothers taught their daughters how to use period products. Now, the tables have turned. In two new videos for the groundbreaking period care product Thinx, purpose-driven agency OBERLAND challenges the dated binary choice of tampons vs. pads and introduces a new, better solution. 

The campaign, built on the tagline “How a New Generation Thinx,” appears across the entire Thinx portfolio, an approach that is a first for the brand. It launches with two spots – the first, “Saved by Sister,” supports Thinx Teens, the new teens’ line of reusable and sustainable period underwear with built-in leak protection.

The second portfolio spot, “Moon Landing,” captures the sense of awe and frustration on the face of a woman when she learns how the marvels of modern technology have finally delivered period-havers from the hassle of dealing with existing period protection products.

OBERLAND Director of Strategy Emily Waite explained that the positioning came out of the realization of how the Thinx line impacts people across generations: “We felt they would all be sharing these epiphanies of what Thinx can mean for them; it’s a discovery they can have together. And that’s where the idea of the tagline came from. Whether it’s your first period or your last, Thinx changes the way people think about periods and leaks at any age.”

Both spots are delivered in a comically candid style meant to stand out from the clutter of traditional period care products and resonate with people who are eager for a new solution.  

All of the spots in the campaign were directed by the award-winning producer, screenwriter, actor and director Pamela Adlon via production company Girl Culture Films. Acclaimed for her work on the hit FX series Better Things, this marked her commercial directing debut. “Saved by Sister” and “Moon Landing” broke on July 18.  Watch below:

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“We’re proud of this new work, as we feel it communicates our brand positioning and values with relevant situations that are charming and memorable,” said Crystal Zerrenner, Chief Growth Officer of Thinx, Inc. “At Thinx, we’re committed to providing access to effective and sustainable leak protection options for a lifetime. The stories that comprise our ‘How a New Generation Thinx’ ads feel genuine and authentic, and that’s just what we were striving to achieve.”

“By its very nature, Thinx is an inherently progressive brand that stands against the decades-long status quo in period care, and period advertising,” adds OBERLAND Managing Partner and Executive Creative Director Lisa Topol, who led the agency’s efforts on the campaign. “It’s why we all felt this close affinity to the brand. The stories we created were authentic and came from our own experiences — the good, the bad, and the funny.  Now we get to use those experiences to help introduce a product that can genuinely make people’s lives a little better.”

“The beauty of these spots, whether in ‘Saved by Sister,’ ‘Moon Landing,’ or any of the ads that follow, is that they’re so utterly and universally relatable to anyone who’s had a period — because we’ve all had moments like this, all of us,” Topol also noted. “The struggle follows us from our first period to our last. And bladder leaks are right there, happy to take its place. Thinx covers it all.”

The campaign meshes with OBERLAND’s focus on using purpose to help its clients make good money by providing real-world solutions that have a tangible impact on the lives of those involved. And in this case,  “Thinx addresses this binary choice of pads and tampons in a way that changes the conversation,” Topol shared. “I’m in menopause, and like the star of our ‘Moon Landing’ spot, I wish I had Thinx to take me through my period years. It’s game-changing, and I’m so happy it exists, so people today have a choice; I’m even happier that we’ll be addressing bladder leaks in this campaign, too, so I don’t totally lose out!” 



  • Senior Director, Brand & Content – Sara Plotkin
  • Chief Growth Officer – Crystal Zerrenner
  • Creative Director – Lauren Renner
  • VP, Communications & Public Affairs – Felicia Macdonald


  • Co-founder/CCO – Bill Oberlander 
  • Co-Founder/CEO – Drew Train 
  • Managing Partner, ECD – Lisa Topol 
  • Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Director – Kate Charles 
  • Director of Strategy – Emily Waite 
  • AD: Henrik  Bakke-Hereide, Monica Taylor 
  • CW: Marta Lala, Michele Jaret 
  • Brand Director – Ronni Chow 
  • Sr. Project Manager – Liz Grover 
  • Executive Producer – Clair Grupp, ClairCollective


  • Director: Pamela Adlon
  • Co-Founders: Lauren Greenfield and Frank Evers
  • Managing Director: Tori Palmatier
  • Executive Producer: Jenn Ingalls
  • DP: Michelle Lawler
  • Producer: Jessica Zerby
  • Line Producer: Gabrielle Yuro, Sean Lyness
  • Production Designer: Grace Alie

POST: Metro Pictures Editorial

  • Editor: Paul Norling
  • Producer: Mary Stasilli
  • Assistant Editor: Eric Brodeur

COLOR: Mad Color

Colorist: Sparkle

MIX: Margarita Mix

Engineer: Paul Hurtubise

The remainder of the campaign will roll out later this year and in Q1 of 2023.

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