Basketball stars, CarMax sales associate showcase fast offers


Professional basketball players–and one confident CarMax sales associate–showcase faster offers in the latest satirical spot from our friends at The Martin Agency, produced by Valiant Pictures.

The ad follows four years of legacy “Call Your Shots” campaigns alongside the NBA and WNBA, with a twist: what looks like a promo for an upcoming high-octane basketball season turns into the confidence required to sell your car with an offer in less than two minutes using the CarMax app.

The spot, helmed by Valiant Pictures’ Danny Corey, highlights several returning professional basketball players including Sue Bird, Zach LaVine and Candace Parker.

Set against a dark, moody background with dramatic lighting usually saved for an interrogation scene, the players tell us that it takes years to hone the craft that makes you a star on the court. They are juxtaposed against a suave CarMax salesman, who reminds viewers they can spend considerably less time selling their car with CarMax.   Watch below:

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AGENCY: The Martin Agency


  • Founding Partner & EP: Matthew D’Amato
  • Founding Partner & EP: Vincent Lin
  • Executive Producer: Adam Zimmer
  • Director & DP: Danny Corey
  • Production Designer: Nick Horton
  • Composer: Bryan Curt Kostors                                                      


  • Editor: Zeke O’Donnell
  • Executive Producer: Laura Relovsky 
  • Asst. Editors: Steve Ortega, Chris McNinch
  • Flame: Przemyslaw Radlowski 

AUDIO: Mr. Bronx

  • Sound Mixer: Eric Hoffman
  • Sound Mixer: Geoff Strasser

COLOR: Company 3

  • Colorist: Sofie Borup
  • Producer: Alexandra Lubrano

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