Avalara makes compliance less taxing


With over 13,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States, an ever-changing array of tax laws and a myriad of special case scenarios, remaining tax-compliant can be a major source of stress for businesses. Avalara’s software aims to change that in a new campaign from 215 McCann.

Avalara’s software automates tax compliance processes, freeing businesses of the daunting task of tax compliance and giving them one less (big) thing to worry about. This is huge in a world where most either don’t know tax compliance automation exists or don’t believe they need it, sticking to manual processes within their finance departments which can be a time-consuming, anxiety-inducing minefield for employees. 

In Avalarahhhhh, the company’s latest campaign, a CFO uses the software to automate this time-consuming job, leading to a chain reaction of relaxation that transforms the office around her.

The Avalara campaign aims to communicate how it feels for CFOs and accounting departments to take the challenge of tax compliance off their to-do list – emphasizing the “Ahhhhh” feeling that they will get when using Avalara to relieve their worries. Watch below:


Automating tax compliance gives staff more time to focus on other aspects of their work – a victory for the efficiency of the business and the emotional well being of its workers. When you automate your sales tax, you can kick back, relax, and let out a momentary sigh of relief that sounds a lot like “Avalarahhhhh.”

The campaign launches on August 27 during the TOUR Championship.   


CLIENT: Avalara

AGENCY: 215 McCann

  • Chief Creative Officer: Scott Duchon
  • Sr. Copywriter: Zack Johnson
  • Sr. Art Director: Kyle Johnson 
  • Production Designer: Mark San Buenaventura 
  • Director of Integrated Production: Whitney Ferris
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  • Director of Business Affairs: Mary Beth Barney
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  • Management Supervisor: Greg McLain
  • Strategy Director: Michael Davidson
  • Senior Strategist: Chris Callahan


  • Directed by Jun Diaz
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  • Head of Production: Devon Clark
  • Cinematographer: Trent Opaloch 
  • Line Producer: Marci Churchill
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  • Health & Safety Coordinator: Heidi Cestari

EDIT: Rock Paper Scissors LA

  • Editor: David Brodie 
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VFX: a52

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  • Sound Designer and Mixer: Rohan Young
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  • Colorist: Andrea Chlebak
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  • DI Post Coordinator: Josh Matthews

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