Grande, Bieber duet supports first responder kids

(All proceeds from duet go to children of First Responders)

On May 7, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have collabed on a really pretty song, along with an emotionally-charged video called Stuck with U featuring several special moments.  The video currently has over 34 million hits on YouTube.

The song is actually their first-ever track together and is a romantic duet inspired by the lockdowns brought by COVID-19 across the globe. “There’s nowhere we need to be, no, no, no/  I’ma get to know you better/ Kinda hope we’re here forever/ There’s nobody on these streets/ If you told me that the world’s endin’/ Ain’t no other way that I can spend it,” they sing in the chorus over simple instrumentals. Watch below:

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The video is an amalgamation of iPhone and home videos from Bieber and Grande at home with their loved ones. Bieber chills with wife, Hailey Bieber while Grande cuddles with one of her dogs Toulouse. But the real stars are their fans. We see people globally making the best out of rough times quarantined on their own or with their loved ones.

But they aren’t alone. Other well-known couples appear in the video including: Brooklyn Nets’ Steph Curry and his wife, AyeshaChance the Rapper and his wife, Kirsten Corley Bennett, and actor couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. The singers also make sure their fans are stars of the video. We see people all over the world making the best out of rough times quarantined on their own or with their loved ones.

All the single’s net proceeds from sales and streaming will go to a fund that will give grants and scholarships to the children of first responders affected by the pandemic in partnership with First Responders Children’s Foundation.

SOURCE: Grammys