Apache tells stories of iconic athletes

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In collaboration with HBO, our friends at Apache provided color & finishing for the inspiring stories of Major League Baseball icon Willie Mays and legendary Lakers Champion, Shaquille O’Neal. Say Hey, Willie Mays! debuted on HBO, while Shaq premiered on HBO Max, both late last year.

Say Hey, Willie Mays!

Directed by Nelson George, “Say Hey, Willie Mays!” highlights the career of the Major League Baseball star, following his life on and off the field through some of the most transformative times in African-American culture.

From breaking racial barriers to redefining what it means to be one of America’s first Black sports superstars, the documentary tells the inspiring story of the mark he left on New York and San Francisco as he took his passion west during the peak of the Civil Rights movement. Watch the trailer below:


Featuring exclusive interviews from NBA all-stars, former head coaches Phil Jackson and Pat Riley, Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Jerry West and O’Neal’s closest family members, Shaq directed by Robert Alexander, offers a deeper view into the life and story of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Sharing peaks into his life off the court and his upbringing from childhood to stardom, the four-part docu series highlights the journey on how he became the cultural icon he is today. Watch the trailer below:



TITLE: Say Hey, Willy Mays

  • Director: Nelson George
  • Editor: Darrin Roberts
  • Executive Producers: Nancy Abraham, Philip Byron, Maverick Carter, Lisa Heller, Jamal Henderson, LeBron James, Nick Trotta, Bentley Weiner
  • Producers: Colin Hanks, Sean Stuart, Glen Zipper

POST: Apache 

  • Digital Intermediate Colorist: Quinn Alvarez
  • Online Editor: Paul Cole
  • Supervising Online Editor: Rigoberto Madrigal
  • Senior Producer: Christina Caldwell
  • Head of Production: Stefanie Schaldenbrand
  • Executive Producer: LaRue Anderson


  • Director: Robert Alexander
  • Executive Producers: Robert Alexander, Peter Berg, Matthew Goldberg, Brandon Carroll, Mike Parris, Perry Rogers, Colin Smeeton. Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Bentley Weiner (HBO)
  • Coordinating Producer: Abtin Motia
  • Co-Executive Producers: Katy Murakami
  • Peter Berg’s Film 45 Production, Jersey Legends, and Hardware Studios

POST: Apache

  • Digital Intermediate Colorist: Taylor Black
  • Supervising Online Editor: Rigoberto Madrigal
  • Producer: Luis Amaya
  • Head of Production: Stefanie Schaldenbrand
  • Executive Producer: LaRue Anderson

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