AllTrails debuts first-ever TV & streaming campaign

(New campaign for AllTrails)

AllTrails, the most trusted and used digital guide to the outdoors, has launched its first-ever ad campaign for streaming and broadcast with a pair of spots titled “10,000 Reasons” and “Shared Monologue.”

With a community of 30 million explorers worldwide and a library of more than 200K trails, AllTrails helps users find the trail best suited for their needs and interests, with up-to-date information on trail conditions, user reviews and photos.

The new campaign comes on the heels of an explosive year of growth for AllTrails, which reported a 135% year-over-year increase in registered hikers in 2020, and a 172% increase in hikes logged in the same time span. 

“As we watched our global community quickly grow in 2020, with more and more people turning to our app to help find catharsis, we knew it was time to share AllTrails more broadly, so more people could easily connect with the outdoors for better mental, physical, emotional, and communal health,” says Ron Schneidermann, CEO of AllTrails.

The spot, “10,000 Reasons,” speaks to everything trail-goers love about the sacred outdoors without putting it in words. Tapping into the sights and sounds of nature, a mesmerizing series of vignettes show that adventure comes in many shades.

AllTrails conceived the campaign in partnership with San Francisco-based creative production company Avocados and Coconuts, which also helmed the scripting, casting, live-action production, and post.

They developed the new campaign concept around the AllTrails mission to kindle the spirit of adventure and remind people that the experience and beauty of nature is inclusive – and just a tap away. Watch below:

The other effort, “Shared Monologue,” is a joyful, upbeat, and inclusive call for adventurers of all experience levels to find their happy place in nature through the AllTrails app. 

“Our goal in both spots was to quickly take the audience through a range of outdoor environments and activities to showcase the breadth of outdoor experiences available through the AllTrails app,” says Amani King, Avocados and Coconuts Creative Director.

The concept required a strategic and efficient production approach, as Avocados and Coconuts produced two tonally different spots using some of the same talent and shoot locations, leaning on cinematography, graphics, scripting, and sound design to unify the campaign.  

“The benefits of getting outside are easy to understand, but it’s just as easy for us to imagine barriers, particularly, if we are not already an avid outdoor enthusiast. AllTrails helps users drop those barriers and see that there’s a suitable trail out there for just about everyone. We wanted the spots to present that ease of use and accessibility,” King adds.

Behind the Scenes

Avocados and Coconuts Director Matthew Palmer helmed both spots. The three-day, run-and-gun shoot spanned 12 locations across Northern and Southern California.

Here, the crew captured a variety of scenes and landscapes reflective of the volume of trails and experiences AllTrails offers with varying difficulty levels – from rolling green hills to dense forests to deserts. 

“As surfers, outdoor enthusiasts, stewards of the environment, and big advocates of health and wellness, AllTrails is not only a brand we culturally align with, but we also love using their app,” says Dalia Burde, Avocados and Coconuts Founder/Executive Producer. “The hopeful message of this campaign felt relevant and timely – to make the outdoors more inclusive and inspire people to get outside – and creating it was a breath of fresh air for our team as we got to shoot in some of the most beautiful places in California as we began to emerge a bit from the pandemic in Q1.” 

“Working with the Avocados and Coconuts team was a pleasure,” concludes Schneidermann. “They pushed us to think about this campaign from many different angles, all while maintaining the integrity of the AllTrails brand.” 

The :30 spots premiered the week of April 26th, and will air on Bravo, Discovery, TLC, MSNBC, CNN, Hulu, and NBC, among others. 


CLIENT: AllTrails

  • CEO: Ron Schneidermann
  • Head of Design: Brian Sinclair 
  • Head of Communications: Meaghan Praznik 
  • Head of Lifecycle Marketing: Katrina Kimovec 
  • Senior Designer: Matt Giesting
  • Copywriter: Alison Burke

AGENCY: Avocados and Coconuts

  • Creative Director: Amani King
  • Executive Producer: Dalia Burde
  • Copywriter: Alex Flint 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Avocados and Coconuts

  • Director: Matthew Palmer
  • DP: Drew Kass
  • Executive Producer: Dalia Burde
  • Producer: Tyler Semons 
  • Where shot: Northern California and Southern California  

EDIT: Avocados and Coconuts

  • Editors: Ian Levine & Gabby Scott
  • Assistant Editor: Alex Paulsen
  • Post Producer: Jessica Kenney 

POST: Mission Film and Design

Colorist: Chris Martin

SOUND: One Union

Engineer: Matt Woods