Aaron Rodgers, ‘jelly’ agent return in State Farm work


Football is back, thank god.

As a Bears’ fan, I’m not thrilled that the Cheeseheads beat the them 10 – 3 last night during the NFL opener.

But at least one Chicago team won last night and that would be DDB Chicago with their goofy new State Farm work that features rival QB’s Aaron Rodgers and Kansas City Chief QB Patrick Mahomes.

In the new work, directed by Anonymous Content’s Tim Godsall, Rodgers is once again the target of a one-sided rivalry between his on-screen sports agent Gabe Gabriel (played by Supernatural’s David Haydn-Jones) and real-life State Farm Agent Patrick Minnis.

The new :30-second spot titled “Agent vs. Agent,” shows us Gabe introducing his new client Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs quarterback) to Rodgers in an attempt to one-up his rival agent. However, as usual, Gabe’s goal, to make Aaron jealous by bringing on last year’s NFL MVP, is futile.

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“I’ve been involved in a few different campaigns over the years with State Farm, but this latest is one of my favorites,” Rodgers said. “It’s been fun to see how these agents of mine try and outdo each other. And, having Patrick (Mahomes) making a few cameos will be a nice surprise for the fans.”

Throughout the various ads, Gabe tries to show his value. Instead, he sets up the State Farm agent who demonstrates how helpful and understanding State Farm can be.

“I’m pumped to be working with State Farm and Aaron,” Mahomes said. “I’ve been a big fan of their ads for years, so it’s really exciting to be joining the team.”

The spots were finished at Arcade Edit and The Mill. Both Chicago.

Client: State Farm Insurance
   Chief Marketing Officer: Rand Harbert
   SVP Agency & Marketing: Kristyn Cook-Turner
   AVP Marketing: Patty Morris
   Advertising Director: Matt Coleman
   Marketing Manager: Justin Reckamp
   Marketing Analyst: Tim Thomas
   Marketing Analyst: Jim Stahly
   Marketing Analyst: Ruben Rivera
   Marketing Analyst: Jessica Broadstone
   Marketing Analyst: Kelly Fernandes

   Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide: Ari Weiss
   Chief Creative Officer, DDB Chicago: John Maxham
   Chief Production Officer, DDB Chicago: Diane Jackson
   Executive Creative Director: Mel Routhier
   Creative Director: Brian Culp
   Creative Director: Katie Bero
   Executive Producer: Matt Blitz
   Executive Producer: Amy Jarvis Turner
   Group Account Director: Ben Gladstone
   Account Director: Veronica Zamiar
   Account Director: Leah Forgus
   Account Supervisor: Oliver Glenn
   Account Executive: Kohar Shrikian

   Director: Tim Godsall
   Managing Director: Eric Stern
   Executive Producer: SueEllen Clair
   Head of Production: Kerry Haynie
   Producer: Brady Vant Hull

EDITORIAL: Arcade Edit
   Editor: Will Hasell
   Assistant Editor: Ryan Andrus
   Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
   Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone
   Senior Producer: Kristen Thon-Webb

FINISH: The Mill
   Executive Producer: Peter Hullinger
   Producer: James Babiarz, Addie Pampalone, Katie Buckley
   Production Coordinator: Alexie Kozol
   2D Lead Artist: Randy McEntee
   2D Artist: Trent Shumway, Matthew Dobrez
   Shoot Supervisor: Randy McEntee, Dan Warom
   3D Lead Artist: Dan Warom
   3D Artist: Kiran Prabhu, Vijay Mohan, Ramki T, Dhanesh Sudhakaran, Abdul Rehman, Monique    Espinoza, Gillian George, Itai Muller, Yarin Manes, Andy Wheater
   Design: Andrew Hague, Luis Roca
   Colorist: Matthew Osborne
   Senior Color Assist: Lindsey Mazur

SOURCE: DDB, Chicago
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