Zack Snyder to film new scenes for ‘Justice League’

(Snyder directs Justice League’s Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot)

Francis Ford Coppola tinkered with the Godfather and Apocalypse Now forever. George Lucas made Star Wars Episodes 4-6 barely recognizable from when the films were first released. And now we have Zack Snyder and Justice League. While few would put Snyder on the same pedestal as Coppola or Lucas, the director, like them, is still an artist at heart and clearly wants to get Justice League right.

At a reported cost of $70 million, Snyder will shoot additional footage next month featuring Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and, somewhat surprisingly, Ray Fisher (Cyborg) all expected to return. THR first reported this.

When it was first announced that the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League had become a reality, we were led to believe that only visual effects needed to be finished. Now, with the film becoming a four-episode limited series on HBO Max, it would seem the streamer is convinced they have a hit on their hands.

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Fisher’s participation raises an eyebrow as he has been at the center of an investigation by Warner Bros. concerning the actions of director Joss Whedon when he took over Justice League from Snyder.

The trade reports that Fisher was/is in talks for an appearance in The Flash, and confirms a recent rumor that Cyborg had a much larger role in the original script. Apparently, negotiations stalled after Fisher’s team wanted double the agreed-upon fee for what’s been described as “a three-scene appearance.”

There’s no word on whether Jason Momoa (Aquaman) or Ezra Miller (The Flash) will also return to film any extra scenes.

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Cavill returning to film new Superman scenes certainly lends credence to the story we just ran on the British actor possibly returning for a series of solo films and cameos. How extensive this additional photography is remains to be seen, but it could potentially allow Snyder to make some fairly significant changes.


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