Yas Island’s gives voice to tired toys for summer

(Yas Island in Abu Dhabi launches new campaign)

Momentum MENA and Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, have created the world’s first ToyTalks – a quirky, outlandish fusion between Toy Story and TedTalks, where tired toys are finally speaking up and sharing their lockdown traumas in hopes of getting families to leave them alone and have an epic break on Yas Island with the Kids Go Free offer. 

Now why would they go and do that?

Face it, it’s no child’s play to keep kids entertained, a task that’s proved especially challenging in the last year. Ask the parents and they will list down all kinds of makeshift entertainment alternatives they’ve had to invent.

But among all these struggles, we forget about the unsung heroes who have been carrying the lion’s share of this burden. It’s not the parents, not even the teachers, it’s the toys that have been overused and much-abused. 

The Toys! Watch the genius creative efforts from Momentum below:

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Paying weird yet wonderful homages to some of the world’s most iconic toys and taking a few playful jabs at competing destinations, the campaign features original characters like Mr. Fire Tyres, Bathtub Dolphin, Marbie, and Iron Bro, all of whom deliver a unique monologue and keep the audiences engaged and entertained. Much like Yas Island itself.

Speaking of entertainment, the campaign also promises to go beyond just social content. There are Toy Repair pop-ups where families get to restore their toys and win a discounted vacation to Yas; a Toy Trade-In radio activation; engaging influencer content; and even a @ToyTalkers Instagram handle where the toys share their woes.  

The campaign is further amplified by online competitions and a partnership stunt.


CLIENT: Yas Island

AGENCY: Momentum Worldwide 

  • Tahaab Rais – Regional Head of Planning
  • Raphael Nassoura – Executive Creative Director
  • Muhammad Ali – Senior Creative Director
  • Gary Rolf – Associate Creative Director
  • Vishal Munyal – Associate Creative Director 
  • Manar Abdulla – Senior Arabic Copywriter
  • Wissam Gharib – Account Director
  • Diana Asal – Account Manager
  • Rebekah Westberry – Senior Account Executive