Xfinity teleports customers in new AR campaign

(New AR campaign from Xfinity immerses you)

Attention everyone: From cord-cutters to cable-lovers, news junkies to sports fanatics, binge-watchers, movie buffs, and beyond – stop searching, Xfinity has got you covered.

To show how, IPG’s Elephant created the Xfinity Digital Playground, an AR retail experience that shows off Xfinity’s entertainment offers by literally bringing them to life. 

Using a bit of Hollywood movie-making magic (think green screens), visitors are able to discover cinematic worlds hidden inside normal retail posters. By simply scanning a QR code, they’re transported through their smartphone and into CGI AR scenes filled with hidden treasure, ghost-traps, fighter jets, touchdown grabs, home-renos, and some old friends from Dunder Mifflin. 

As they explore the store, AR films activate with blockbuster VFX, highlighting Xfinity’s entertainment offerings of X1, Flex, Xfinity Internet, as well as their award-winning Voice Remote, and free access to Peacock Premium.  Watch below:

To create a truly immersive experience, digital films play throughout the space giving customers a peek inside products – to cinematic 3D worlds that show the breadth of Xfinity entertainment content, combined with fun easter eggs from memorable TV and movie moments. Watch below:

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“This new campaign brings a fun and immersive experience to Xfinity retail stores for customers to discover all the ways Xfinity makes it easy to access the content they love,” said Rich Bloom, Executive Director Retail Marketing, Comcast.

“We’re excited for customers to play with this,” said Michael Ashton, Senior Creative Director, Elephant. “For some, it will be their first time experiencing browser-based augmented reality. It’s a great conversation starter for staff and positions Xfinity as a leader in tech and entertainment.”

The Digital Playground is running across 540 Xfinity stores nationwide through July 8. 


CLIENT: Comcast

  • Rich Bloom, Executive Director Retail Marketing, Comcast
  • Sara Console, Senior Director Retail Marketing, Comcast 

AGENCY: Elephant

  • Greg Assemat Tessandier, President
  • Pablo Marques, ECD
  • Blythe Graham-Jones, General Manager
  • Luca Vergano, VP Strategy
  • Michael Ashton, Senior CD
  • Matt Kiebus, Senior CW
  • Kevin Flores, Senior AD
  • Kate Callaghan, Senior Client Lead
  • Elizabeth Collett, Client Manager
  • Margaret Barnard, Production Lead
  • Brittney Kernan, Lead Web Engineer
  • Casey Berman, Senior Web Engineer