Watch the catchiest video you’ll see all week

(7.2 million views at this writing)

Over the past week, we have witnessed many images and videos from the multitude of demonstrations in support of George Floyd , the young man who was brutally murdered by officer Derek Chauvin, who kneeled on his neck for almost 9 minutes. Much of what we have seen has been hopeful. Others – disturbing and frightening. Now to cap the week, we have entertaining, as a new video of a Black woman in handcuffs, standing next to a police officer twerking and singing You About to Lose Your Job has gone viral. The video has 7.2 million at this writing.

The woman, who has now been identified on Instagram as Lil Mama, asks the officer, “Why are you detaining me? You’re about to lose yo job.” She then bends over and breaks into a chant, “You’re about to lose yo job… Get this dance… You about to lose yo job… You about to lose yo job… Cause you’re detaining me for NOTHING.”

The video then becomes a compilation of infectious clips of people dancing to the anthemic beat, including Childish Gambino’s This Is America video,  Seasame Street’s Elmo, Bugs Bunny, Beyonce, a scene from Martin and Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N***a video.

The officer tried to remain professional, but had to hide his laugh. Watch below:

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So who is behind this insanely addictive remix? It’s Brooklyn-based Brandon Davidson aka DJ iMarkkeyz. He is known for turning memes and online moments into full-length songs.

Before @Getthisdance, he was known for the remix of Cardi B screaming about the novel coronavirus. The Cardi B song saw the Bronx-born rapper yelling, “Coronavirus! That s*** is real.”

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For this remix, DJ iMarkkeyz collaborated with DJ Suede. In posting the song to his Instagram page, DJ iMarkkeys tagged the account @Getthisdance. The operator of that account has identified herself as the woman in the video.

In the bio section, she refers to herself as the “Lose yo job girl” and “Lil Mama.” Links to a Venmo account and a Cashapp account are provided as well as a quote in the bio, “Is this s*** worth you losing yo job?”

Get this dance.

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