Watch Christina Applegate bicker with rude M&M’s


M&M’s is back in the big game. Last year it was Danny Devito. This time they have pulled in Emmy award-winning actress, Christina Applegate – of Anchorman and Married With Children fame — for one of the brand’s mad funny spots

Created by AOR, BBDO NY, the brand is using a 30-second big game commercial to promote the arrival of a chocolate bar stuffed with mini-candies, marking the first time that the company has used the big game to announce a new snack.

The spot begins with a stressed-out Applegate driving a sedan as bickering voices emanate from the backseat. “Do I have to break you guys apart?” she says. The arguing from the passengers escalates. Applegate decides to slam on the breaks, turn around, and yell, “Okay that’s it: If you don’t stop, I will eat all of you alive right now!”

It’s then that the passengers are revealed to be the same three talking candies that have appeared in countless M&M’s commercials over the last decade, only this time they are embedded inside a giant chocolate bar that’s been wedged in the backseat. “I prefer the break-us-apart options,” says the red M&M. Watch the spot from director Craig Gillespie (I Tonya and Lars and the Real Girl) below:

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“I used to drive three kids to soccer every Thursday for a couple of years, and I know what that’s like to have three children in your car,” Applegate told Yahoo Entertainment. “I know what it’s like to have to pull over and be, like, real, real serious. Although I’ve never threatened to eat the children…”

She added that commercials have always been her favorite part of the big game. She sees them as “tiny movies” designed to pull out emotion, whether it be laughs or sobs.

“I love a Super Bowl ad. I’m not gonna lie. I love watching them online,” Applegate says, adding that she doesn’t often watch sports. “I grew up with a single mom, so it wasn’t an influence in my house. My house was, like, there was always a piano being played and a dance class to go to so I gravitate more towards that.”

The M&M’s team also released a teaser that shows Applegate getting locked out of the car in the grocery store parking lot which can be seen here.

Source: M&M’s