Trump unleashes mayhem as rioters storm Capitol


Unmasked, angry and egged on by an impeached president whose days in the White House will end on January 20, thousands of supporters, now turned rioters, of President Trump amassed in Washington, D.C., and then stormed the Capitol attempting to stop the electoral process.

What amounts to a bloody coup in order to reject the results of the November 3 election, the group first climbed the East steps of the Capitol Building, pushing past security barriers there.

The House and Senate abruptly took a recess as the United States Capitol police locked down the building, not allowing people to come in or out. Vice-President Mike Pence was ushered out by Secret Service, while staff members were ordered to barricade themselves in their offices.

The protests which are growing more and more alarming by the second, as Washington D.C. and Capitol police are currently outnumbered to handle, are timed to coincide with Congress’ certification of the Electoral College votes and aim, to pressure Republican lawmakers into supporting Trump’s effort to overturn Biden’s electoral victory.

Earlier, Trump supporters, many wearing red MAGA hats but no face masks, gathered at The Ellipse where the president addressed them midday Wednesday.


After the speech, thousands of unhinged supporters pushed past barriers onto the Capitol grounds, while yelling, “Whose Capitol? Our Capitol,” NPR’s Hannah Allam reports. Police and other security put up more barriers and security layers as protesters breached the initial security layer. Protestors climbed the scaffolding, looking for any way in to get to the Capitol, Allam said, and armed police rushed in tackling them.

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The crowd, waving Trump and Don’t Tread on Me flags, faced the White House and a stage flanked by two big Save America March signs swayed to the beat of the Village People song Macho Man and Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean.

A huge contingent of Proud Boys marched in, some chanting “storm the Capitol” and “1776!” and massed for the Capitol building.

President Trump could stop this growing mayhem with one tweet, but the unwieldy leader of the free world decides to tweet attacking his Vice-President:

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Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser has issued a 6 PM curfew. Stay tuned…