SuperBloom hires new leaders for branded content

(Courtesy SuperBloom)

SuperBloom House (SBH) has hired the two creatives to lead a new era of branded content for their clients.

Adam Milano (previously of SYCO Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Live Nation) and Gregg Hirschorn (previously PHD Media, Group M), have joined SuperBloom House as Head of Content Development and Head of Content Strategy, respectively. 

Their combined backgrounds in media and entertainment will allow the company to completely change the output of what branded entertainment looks like for brands and how efficient and effective it is.

By fusing what works in entertainment and what works in media and  (specifically, digital and streaming platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Instagram, Roku), the two will guide formats and help SBH tell brand stories in a way that resonates with consumers, increases views and engagement and drives brand success.

“At its core, SuperBloom House is a driver of alternative ways into creativity – something the ad industry is begging for. Together, Adam and Gregg bring this practice to life. Through their unique backgrounds they are able to generate stories that grab the attention of audiences, strike a nerve with communities and are fully native to the environment in which they will live. As a new, modern media company, we gave ourselves permission to make a mess by experimenting with the creative chemistry of collaboration and, now with Adam and Gregg on the team…it’s working,” notes Briony McCarthy, CEO and Co-Founder of SuperBloom.

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Fusing insights from Madison Avenue and Hollywood, Adam and Gregg will work together to create branded content made for today’s digital world. 

“We (Gregg Hirschorn) both start the creative process from a different corner. Gregg has the immense responsibility to make sure we’re always bringing it back to the objectives on the table, and I’m always asking ‘does this move me emotionally in any direction?’ In a lot of ways it’s the same objective. I think what really works though is that we keep each other in check through the entire experience so entertainment, marketing goals and media behaviors align seamlessly,” shares Adam Milano, Head of Content Development.

Initial work from the duo at SBH includes a branded content series for Panera dubbed “Behind The Counter,” a six-part branded entertainment series that transports the viewer into Panera’s Test Kitchen and serves an intimate, behind-the-scenes look into the innovation, ingredients and humanity that goes into each recipe. 

“Nobody is thinking about content creation this way. Media insights help our creators  make smart and fast decisions around content we already know will work. We explore how people interact with media on a particular platform and we get super specific with the content we create, giving brands the best opportunity to connect with audiences,” concludes Hirschorn, Head of Content Strategy.

Reel 360 News wishes Adam and Gregg the best of luck in their new roles.

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