SPOILERS: Shazam: Fury of the Gods plot leaked

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Warning: this article MAY contain actual spoilers for the film Shazam! Fury of the Gods. 

Back in March 2021, known spoilerist “WorldofGeekdom” posted the plot of Shazam! Fury of the Gods as told by his “sources.” The 12 minute, 17 second youtube video has now caught the attention of a handful of comic book movie websites as well as Reel 360 News and we’re here to tell you everything that was revealed in the “deep dive spoiler video.”

The video states that their sources claim that the studio is happy with the film and at the time of the screening, it was approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes. The movie takes place after The Flash and Black Adam

Shazam! Fury of the Gods seems to be a “family-friendly” version of Batman V Superman, with several similar shots and themes. Allegedly the film will have the same humor, emotion, and action of the first one, however, Billy will have his own character arc. 

It has been several years since Shazam! and his adopted Shazam Family are older. In this film, Billy is just about to turn 18 and is happy, but unsure if his family will still care for him once he becomes a legal adult on his 18th birthday. He is unable to discern if his family actually loves him or has taken pity on him, and that ongoing theme will be revisited throughout the film. 

Apparently, the Shazam family is in the public eye and not everyone supports them as many might be questioning if they are good or evil, much like events that occurred in Batman V Superman

The team has expanded their lair where they debate about their responsibilities. In the lair, the Wizard who gave Billy the power of Shazam tells Billy that he needs to step up and lead the team. There is a scene where Billy is amazed to see the beautiful Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, only to be shocked and horrified to see the face of the wizard on top of her flawless figure. 

Meanwhile, teen girl played by Rachel Zegler (West Side Story) and Freddie (Jack Dylan Grazer) have an innocent flirtation, keeping their alter identities a secret from one another. It is later revealed that Rachel is a God who has come to Earth to deal with her siblings Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Kalypso (Lucy Liu). Hespera and Kalypso kidnap Freddie and Rachel, taking them to their kingdom, which is not on planet Earth. 

In the opening of the movie, the sisters go to a museum and use an artifact to power up the staff which gave Shazam his powers. It is later revealed that the original Shazam was captured by these Goddesses. 

The backstory is that centuries ago Atlas (Derek Russo) ruled their kingdom and was murdered by the old Shazam wizard with the staff. Now the sisters want to seek revenge on anyone who wields the staff. While IMDb has Russo listed as Atlas, it should be noted that he is not a major character in the film because he is already dead and it’s possible that all of his scenes are flashbacks.

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The Goddess sisters seem to have more depth than the usual DC villains. They are tragically lonely more than anything, with Kalypso leading the charge to seek vengeance against the inhabitants of Earth.

In the meantime the Shazam siblings save Freddie and return him to Earth. Once back in their lair, there is a “Harry Potterish” scene where books are flying about and there is a magic pen named “Steve the pen,” which is apparently an ongoing gag throughout the movie and we should expect to see “Steve the Pen” in the trailer.

Shazam uses Steve the Pen to write a letter to Hespera, asking for a truce and to talk things out. Unfortunately, Steve the Pen can’t discern between Shazam’s dictation and his side talking and he writes a humorous letter which is revealed when Hespera reads it out loud. Something to the effect of, “Dear Hespera, I just want to… no wait… hold on a second…” with all the extraneous attempts at editing the letter as he is dictating it. 

Shazam and Hespera meet at a hamburger place in their full costumes to talk out a truce. Hespera tells Shazam that she’s totally fine with a truce, however Kalypso is the one with a thirst for vengeance and desperate to take over. Kalypso appears riding on some kind of dragon-like creature in hopes of conquering both Shazam and her sister Hespera. 

Throughout the film, the youngest Shazam sibling has mentioned how much she would love to see a real-life unicorn. When Kalypso rides in on her dragon-like creature, she brings with her a whole menagerie of mythical creatures including unicorns! The youngest Shazam sibling takes out a bag of skittles, feeds skittles to the evil unicorns and they become nice. 

In the battle, Kalypso kills her sister Hespera with the staff. Billy tells the team that he knows now what he must do and the Shazam siblings want to help him. At some point, the foster parents appear and in an emotional scene and Billy realizes that everyone in the family really does love him and he is wanted in their lives.

Billy goes to meet Kalypso in a baseball field in an attempt to prevent her from destroying the world. His love for his family fuels him as he enters a battle that he doesn’t believe he will win. As it turns out, Billy matures physically and mentally throughout this character arc, and so do his powers. When Both Billy and Kalypso touch the staff, Billy becomes superpowered and destroys her and the dragon she rode in on.

The staff breaks in two, and Billy goes back to being a teen boy and dies in an emotional scene. 

With the other two sisters dead, Rachel Zegler is the last Goddess standing and decides to take the deceased teen Billy back to her world where he is buried outside of the throne room, under a tree with his grave marked by the staff. 

At this point, the actual Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, who is turning into the DC version of Tony Stark/Iron Man, appears and mends the staff back together into one piece with her own Godly powers and uses it to bring Billy back to life. 

The movie isn’t over until the Shazam siblings are back on earth eating dinner as a family with Freddie’s girlfriend, the unnamed Goddess played by Rachel Zegler. 

It should be noted that Mastermind, who was teased in the mid-credit scene of Shazam! Will NOT be in the movie. 

At this point, there is no post-credit scene, however, the film doesn’t come out for another 6 months, so by then the movie will be fine-tuned, edited down, and should have some of the DC magic we have all become accustomed to. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods has had multiple screenings so the studio can fine tune the film before wide release. Overall the reactions have been positive:

This post was liked by none other than Shazam! Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg who doesn’t even care about spoilers!

The film is a sequel to Shazam! and it will be the twelfth installment in the DC Extended Universe. It is scheduled for release on December 21, 2022.

Directed by David F. Sandberg, the film stars Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Zachary Levi as Shazam, Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman, Adam Brody as Superhero Freddy, Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley, Meagan Good as Superhero Darla, Ian Chen as Eugene Choi, Ross Butler as Superhero Eugene, Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, Jovan Armand as Pedro Peña, D.J. Cotrona as Superhero Pedro, Marta Milans as Rosa Vasquez, Cooper Andrews as Victor Vasquez, Helen Mirren as Hespera, Lucy Liu as Kalypso, Rachel Zegler as Hespera’s sister, and Djimon Hounsou as Shazam.

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