Sensei Chop drops single and video for ISO Hittin

(Sensei Chop’s latest)

Atlanta-born filmmaker and music artist Sensei Chop has unveiled his latest single and video, ISO Hittin feat. Daygo Fatts. The new single is available on Amazon and Spotify.

About the song, Chop comments, “My song titles are camera terminology-themed. My last song Expensive Glass was in reference to camera lenses. ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO the brighter the image so when I say ISO Hittin, it is in reference to my talents and jewelry shining brighter than what the camera can register…to the max.”

Watch the video, directed and edited by Chop, below:


Daygo Fatts

The song features Daygo Fatts, a San Diego-based music artist managed by Chop.

Daygo Fatts is the embodiment of the term “avant-garde.” From his complex lyricism coupled with a soothing and digestible tone to his unpredictable style of dress and hair, there is nothing not to love about him. The “monalistic” painted pictures of sound he creates always finds a way to connect with its listeners no matter what walk of life one lives in. 

Growing up in the often-forgotten inner city of San Diego, Fatts shares a common upbringing of many underprivileged black youths. Exposed to gangs, drugs, prostitution and police brutality in what the late great Marvin Gaye referred to as the “Inner City Blues,” Fatts found his love in music from, in his words “the first slap and cry.” Living in his brand of “stay true to yourself,” you hear and see what the world looks like through his eyes and more often than not it appears familiar.

The level artistry displayed from him has attracted fans in over one hundred countries, including noticeable names like super producers Denaun Porter and TDE’s Willie B.

Thirst Trap

Chop recently released his first film, the documentary Thirst Trap, which explores the water boy culture in Atlanta, and is available now on Tubi, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.

He directed, produced, wrote, edited, narrated and served as director of photography of the important film that sheds light on the ‘water boy’ culture in Atlanta, Georgia. The film features Meka Pless, the mother of Jalanni, her only son, a water boy who was fatally shot over ten dollars, as well as water boy entrepreneurs Joshua Dixion and Quintez Dixion:

An accomplished music artist, Thirst Trap marks Chop’s first major film project. A pivotal part of Chop’s artistry relies on his unique ability to combine his passion for rap with film. Where others have to focus on one outlet to express themselves, he is lucky enough to blend both elements with little to no effort. As a rapper, he shines through with his wordplay and delivery and as a shooter, he’s able to bring full visions to life. Now, with both in his arsenal, Chop is looking to take the creative industry by storm. 

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Chop, whose real name is Chris Nichols, was exposed to the richness of the city and quickly gained the confidence to start rapping under the name Poke Chop at just 12 years old. With the same stage name, he recorded a few songs with seasoned rapper Kevin Gates but held his own under his moniker.

Listeners to his music would describe his style as conversational with each track sounding as if he’s talking directly to his audience. This is evident on his single Expensive Glass, where the title acts as a reference to the lenses found in film. Keeping in line with his love for shooting visuals, his new documentary Thirst Trap is available now on Tubi, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.

Iso Hittin is available Spotify and Apple.

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