SAG-AFTRA Health Plan to reimburse travel expenses for abortion care


The trustees of the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan have unanimously approved a reimbursement benefit to cover travel and lodging expenses related to abortion care for participants who live or work in states prohibiting abortion.

The changes to the health plan were spurred by the conservatively-led Supreme Court’s June 24 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, effectively ending federal protections for abortion access.

The new benefit, effective Aug. 1, 2022, is described in a Summary of Material Modifications, which can be found here

In taking this decisive action, SAG-AFTRA and Management Plan Trustees are seeking to ensure participants will continue to have access to safe abortion services regardless of where they live or work. 

If a Health Plan participant lives in a state where abortion is legal but works in a state which prohibits abortion, the participant can choose between going home for the procedure or going to the state closest to their workplace where abortion is legal.

If a participant lives in a state where abortion access is illegal, they may choose to have the procedure in the state closest to them where abortion is legal.

SAG-AFTRA as both a union and an employer is committed to the principle that all our members, all our employees, and indeed all Americans should have equal access to critical, necessary and often life-saving reproductive health care, wherever they live or work.


The union has supported the California and New York measures to codify abortion protection in state constitutions, as well as the California law that would prohibit other state’s laws which criminalize aiding or abetting abortion from being able to use California courts. The union also provides members up-to-date information on the state of reproductive rights across the nation at

SAG-AFTRA and the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan are separate entities. The Plan covers a wide range of reproductive health procedures. Participants with questions about a particular procedure should contact the Plan directly at (800) 777-4013.

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