Weird rhymes with beard so it must be Old Spice


Wieden and Kennedy has dipped back into their hat of Old Spice weirdness and get down to “beardness” with the debut of the new Old Spice Beard Collection, the brand’s first-ever beard care lineup to help guys achieve the soft, nourished and sculpted beards of their dreams.

And who did Old Spice team up with? Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles (IGGLES!!!!) and brother Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Both players star in the brand’s advertising campaign titled ‘The Old Spice Guys’ Grooming Guidance Guide for Guys with Beards.’ This debuted across the brand’s social media channels and during NFL Football.

In ‘Lecture,’ Jason Kelce lectures a classroom of bearded men, one with exceptionally out-of-control facial hair. The beard-taming teacher makes sure the guy leaves with a groomed beard, even if it means throwing him through the ringer, so to speak. Take a look at the :15-second spot below directed by More Media’s Ben Berman:

In ‘Baby Man,’ Travis Kelce is asked by a man if he can get his autograph, to which Kelce obliges, but rather than signing something, he scribbles a beard on the man’s son’s face:

Other non-football-related ads (and just as funny) in the beard series include a baseball post-game congratulations line with the players stating, “good beard;”

A short story time segment that just talks about beards…

A manly office memo that makes sure bearded employees know about Old Spice Beard stuff…

Finally, there’s a dude buried up to his neck in sand being groomed by a crab.

Knowing first-hand how hard it is to get just good work out of a client, the teams at W+K and the brand managers at Old Spice really should be applauded. The work is constantly weird, constantly informative and constantly entertaining.

Which means this is the REEL360 Ad of the Week!

Client – Old Spice

   Creative Directors; Ashley Davis-Marshall | Matt Sorrell
   Copywriter: Kamey Murphy
   Art Director: Curtis Pachunka l Kyle Chin
   Producer: Ricara Stokes
   Studio Manager: Patrick Cahalan
   Account Team: Ghada Soufan | Thomas Harvey
   Business Affairs Manager: Dusty Slowik
   Strategic Planning: Drew Phillips | Samantha Serocki
   Media Planning: Cherish Lee | Kelly Muller | Natalia Naranjo

Production Company: More Media
   CEO/EP: Stephen Buchanan
   Director: Ben Berman
   DP: Dan Alderstein
   Executive Producer: Blaize Saunders
   Producer: Autumn Hymes

Editorial Company: Hutch Co
   Editor: Patrick O’Leary
   Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins

VFX Company: MSerious Electronics
   Producer: Jane Hutchins
   Creative Director | Shoot Supervisor: Austin Hickman-Fain
   2D+3D Lead Artist: Austin Hickman-Fain

VFX Company: Ingenuity Studios
   Producer: Kieley Culbertson
   Production Coordinator: Hallana Barbosa
   Creative Director | Shoot Supervisor: David Lebensfeld
   2D Lead Artist: Zhe Chong
   2D Lead Artists: Tasha Marlin, Daniel Corona, Jeewon Kim, Kevin Conlon
   3D Lead Artist: Grant Miller

Final Mix + Sound Design: 740 Sound
   Engineer: Stephen Dickson
   Producer: Geena Born

Color Transfer: Libertad Soul
   Colorist: Jonny McPheeters

Source: Old Spice

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