Bud Light unveils its own ‘Philly Philly’ for The Eagles


Aw yeah!

Bud Light has given Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, their own “Philly Special.”

The Anheuser-Busch beer brand unveiled a gigantic nine-foot statue, capturing the moment when Nick Foles asked head coach Doug Pederson, “You want ‘Philly, Philly?’” during the Super Bowl.

If you don’t remember (or if you’re a Patriots fan and trying to forget) the play, let the REEL360 team remind you. “The Philly Special” was a trick play between Philadelphia Eagles players Corey Clement, Trey Burton and Nick Foles on fourth-down-and-goal toward the end of the second quarter of Super Bowl LII

Aaaaaaand we all know what happened after that, resulting in one of the best plays in Super Bowl history, and setting the course for the city’s first Super Bowl win.

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According to NBC-10, it took sculptor Raymond Gibby about four months, using a traditional lost-wax process to construct the 9-foot-tall statue commissioned by Bud Light as part of their “Philly, Philly” slogan campaign, spokeswoman Kerry Anna LeMasters said.

The statue will be on display on HeadHouse Plaza as part of Bud Light’s fan activation space at Lincoln Financial Field. The beer has certainly found a special way to honor Super Bowl and Forever Philly MVP, Nick Foles. Bud Light plans to leave the statue outside “the Linc” for years to come.

Go Iggles!