Poo~Pourri dumps first outdoor campaign

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New York subways in the summer have become are synonymous with the fragrance of urine. So, what better place for original before-you-go toilet spray Poo~Pourri to launch its first out-of-home campaign?

Designed by Poo~Pourri’s in-house creative team to resemble a IRL twitter feed, the campaign features tweets and testimonials from real Poo~Pourri fans, and highlights the more than 20,000 five-star reviews that the product has received.

It will run through the end of the summer, and is featured on static billboards across each city, as well as posted on turnstiles and pillars throughout the Bedford Avenue subway station.

New Yorkers and tourists alike can now see the hysterical first-hand reviews from customers who have transformed the bathroom experience by using the cult-favorite product.

“Our goal with this ‘Poo Love’ campaign was to reach a broader audience by creating eye-catching ads which highlight the people that know us best – our very happy customers,” said Poo~Pourri SVP of Creative an Marketing Nicole Story. “OUTFRONT Media was a strategic partner and understood our goals, helping us execute a fun and seamless campaign in some of America’s top cities.”

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In Poo~Pourri’s first out-of-home advertising campaign, Outfront Media collaborated with the brand to raise brand awareness and reach a mass audience in key markets. Outfont Media’s out-of-home assets are a one-to-many medium with the capabilities of feeling like a one-to-one medium, allowing creative to really engage consumers personally wherever they are in their day.

“In the age of influencers, there is an authenticity to using real life people in campaigns. We’ve seen great success with this strategy in the past, and we are in a position to help execute these in the right areas to make the most impact,” said Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer at Outfront Media. “New York City, in particular, is a mecca for every demographic and by leveraging our transit inventory, Poo~Pourri is able to spark conversations and brighten the commuter journey with a bit of humor.”

The station domination campaign took over the Bedford Avenue station in Brooklyn, and is also strategically located in major cities, including Dallas, where the company is headquartered, Houston and Atlanta.

Source: Outfront Media