‘Office’ star trolls in OKRP’s latest for Illlinois Lottery


Leslie David Baker
plays a grumpy genie
who sternly informs
lotto players,
“You can’t wish
for multiple wishes”

Leslie David Baker — who made fans of The Office laugh with his trolling of Michael Scott for eight seasons as Stanley Hudson — now has a new target for his grumpy, eye-rolling expressions: The Illinois Lottery.

The Chicago actor, now cast as a larger than life pissed off genie, has been enlisted by agency of record, OKRP to promote its newest offering — instant tickets that can multiply a winner’s prize by as much as 100 — through an integrated campaign. The agency was brought on by the Illinois Lottery’s new private manager, Camelot Illinois, earlier this year to help increase sales.

The campaign, titled #MultipleWishes began with a teasing introduction of @3WishGrant through social media, billboard and digital channels. Snarky Stanley-like comments such as “You can’t wish for #MultipleWishes” were included.



When the full campaign was finally revealed, we were informed that the Multiplier Instant Tickets are packed with multiple chances to win; to which the genie trolls the Lottery communications, reminding players that “You can’t wish for #MultipleWishes.” The new tickets offer a chance to win up to $2,000,000 by multiplying a prize up to 100 as you can see in the online vide below:



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“As we worked against all the opportunities that the Multiplier ticket can offer, we came up with the idea that being able to actually multiply your winnings was like asking for more wishes. That’s where it started,” explained Matt Reinhard, Chief Creative Officer at OKRP. “Casting a brilliant comedic actor like Leslie David Baker took the humor to a whole new level and helped tell our Multiplier story with a touch more personality.”

“The Multiplier Instant Tickets were some of the most popular and best performing Illinois Lottery games last year,” added Harold Mays, Interim Acting Director of the Illinois Lottery. “This campaign will provide an opportunity to creatively reintroduce them for the purpose of attracting new players to the game.”

Baker makes for a pleasingly larger-than-life character as the genie and is a pleasure to watch. This is a fine effort from OKRP. A spokeswoman for OKRP said the agency is still developing a larger brand campaign for the Illinois Lottery that will break at a later date. The REEL360 team looks forward to seeing it!

Client – Illinois Lottery

   CCO: Matt Reinhard
   Executive Producer: Scott Mitchell
   Group Creative Director: Bob Jensen
   Group Creative Director: Dave Petti
   Creative Director/Copywriter: Greg Mills
   Art Director: Justine Massa
   Art Director: Danny Weilandt
   Management Director: Brenda Donahue
   Producer: Austen Williams
   Executive Creative Director: Tim Rawls
   Director of Brand Strategy: Nate Swift
   Head of Communications, Planning: Dan Cornell
   Director, Production Business Affairs: Katie Johnson

   Directors: Evan Scott & Parker Seaman
   VP, Head of Production: Nathan Kloke
   Chief Operating Officer: Grant Jones
   Supervising Producer: Brett Blake
   Producer: Sarah Brennan Kolb
   Director of Photography: David Jones
   Stills Photographer: Anthony Barlich

   Executive Producer: Larissa Berringer
   Producer: Cat Pavitt
   Creative Director: David Mellor
   Senior Editor: Sean Berringer
   Assistant Editor: Mark Sheridan
   Comp Supe/Nuke Lead: Xuechu Zhang
   Flame Lead: Greg Gaskins
   After Effects: Dean Ripper
   2D Comp: Gigi Ng, Chris Friesen, Pete McGowan,
   Jacob Dailey, Hank Chang, Dan Soloman, Zavier Mojica

   Colorist: Edwin Metternich
   Color Assist: Clark Griffiths

   Engineer: Mark Ruff
   Asst. Engineer: Jason Hoban
   Executive Producer: Rose Razal

Source: OKRP

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