New York Presbyterian celebrates stroke victim’s triumphant journey


NewYork-Presbyterian and Havas New York have released a new patient story as a part of their “Stay Amazing” campaign that launched last fall, telling the raw stories of real patients from around New York.  

This new, one-minute spot running starting Jan, 23 highlights Neuro patient Ramit Malhorta’s triumphant story, where he suffered a stroke at the young age of 28 despite living a full, active, healthy, carefree life like any other 28-year-old.   

Ramit isn’t what many people would consider a typical stroke candidate. The 28-year-old Long Island man was healthy — he had no major health problems, worked out regularly, and did not smoke or drink. Still, one night in March, after finishing a weight training session at the gym, he felt an intense pain in his neck and began to feel off-balance. On April 17, a month of dizziness, neck pain, and health concerns reached the tipping point.

Ramit was driving on the Long Island Expressway when he felt a shooting pain in his neck. He decided to call his fiancé, Sumiti. During the call, Sumiti says Ramit’s speech became slurred. Ramit knew that he had to get off the highway and get help, so he pulled off at the Main Street exit in Flushing and made his way to a bank parking lot. Next thing he knew, Ramit was in a bed at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens. He learned that he had suffered a stroke.

“I felt like, as a 28-year-old millennial, you basically do things in life where you feel like you can do anything,” Ramit says. “You feel like you can really take time for granted. But what I’ve learned is that you just don’t take time for granted. Soak in every moment and don’t take your body for granted either.”

For Ramit’s unique story, the agency showed the expertise and compassionate care that New York-Presbyterian provides through a Bollywood-esque lens and with the color, texture, and cultural richness of an Indian wedding.  Watch below:


The campaign centers around storytelling so that the health system can “emotionally connect with consumers,” according to Devika Mathrani, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at NewYork-Presbyterian. 

The “Stay Amazing” campaign is versatile and big enough to allow Havas New York and New York-Presbyterian to go from a docu-style, journalistic approach to one that’s more considered and observational.

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