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(Comic book art from upcoming comic)

Is Henry Cavill done playing The Man of Steel? has reported a rumor claiming that Cavill will not be reprising his role as Superman within the DCEU. And that would be due to the retcon and reboot from the upcoming Flash movie.

In a since-deleted Tweet, movie spoilerist “ViewerAnon” claimed that The Flash will include a post-credits scene that makes it very clear that Superman does not exist in the new timeline. It was reported that during the scene, Barry Allen mentions Superman to Aquaman who seems to have no knowledge or memory of the superhero. 

The current theory is that Cavill’s Superman will be passing the torch to Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in upcoming DCEU projects. Of course, in the MCU Spiderman’s existence has been wiped out, yet he still very obviously exists, so it’s totally possible that Cavill’s Spiderman still exists in the DCEU, but for whatever reason (we should discover by watching The Flash) at least Aquaman has forgotten who he is. 

Batfleck is also out as Michael Keaton seems to be Batman again and will appear alongside Leslie Grace’s Batgirl. If The Flash was delayed to 2023, and Batgirl’s events are directly affected by that movie, we should expect the movie to also be delayed until next year.

In addition to this whole Superman upset, it also seems that after Ezra Miller’s recent legal problems, his upcoming prequel movie might have been completely scrapped. Even though WB has denied that they are responding to Miller’s shenanigans in Hawaii, it’s an interesting coincidence that DC comics has canceled the Flash comic book prequel, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive which was intended to be a three-part limited series supporting the storyline of the movie.

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The main focus of the movie was going to be Ben Affleck’s Batman training Barry Allen, with Girder, Tar Pit, and Top all set to be included in the story. 

The first issue of the monthly comic series was scheduled to be in stores on April 26, 2022 with each additional comic coming out a month later. If they were already printed ahead of their scheduled distribution in two weeks, they will have to be destroyed. 

Writer Kenny Porter and artist Ricardo López Ortiz had intended to “combine the worlds of movies and comic books” with this limited series.  

Here are the planned solicitations for the series:

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1

Written By Kenny Porter

Art By Ricardo López Ortiz

Cover By Max Fiumara

Variant Cover By Andy Muschietti

$5.99 Us | 48 Pages | Variant $6.99 Us

On Sale 4/26/22

Race through the streets of Central City in this lead-up to the hotly anticipated blockbuster The Flash! After Barry’s adventure with the Justice League, he’s determined to become a truly skilled and inspirational hero. As a new threat emerges in Central City going by the name of Girder, Barry turns to Batman for advice on training to master his powers. Can the Dark Knight help show the Scarlet Speedster a way to defeat this metallic menace, or will the Flash be crushed by Girder’s strength?

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2

Written By Kenny Porter

Art By Juan Ferreyra

Cover By Sebastian Fiumara

Variant Cover By Andy Muschietti

$5.99 Us | 48 Pages | 2 Of 3 | Variant $6.99 Us (Card Stock)

On Sale 5/24/22

Barry Allen’s early days as the Flash continue! Barry struggles to balance his new job as a hero with his internship at the crime lab. The pressure starts overwhelming him, literally, when the monstrous molten menace called Tar Pit appears in Central City looking to put an end to the Scarlet Speedster’s interference in his family’s business!

Barry’s anxiety kick-starts his powers, sending him phasing through objects with explosive results. Can Barry get a handle on his abilities and stop Tar Pit in his tracks, or will he be tarred and feathered out of Central City for good?

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #3

Written By Kenny Porter

Art And Cover By Jason Howard

Variant Cover By Andy Muschietti

$5.99 Us | 48 Pages | 3 Of 3 | Variant $6.99 Us (Card Stock)

On Sale 6/28/22

Barry has learned to control his powers and is finally starting to feel like the hero he’s always dreamed he could be. But then a showboating new villain going by the name, the Top shows up looking to test his abilities and make some cash selling his weapons after showing how they can take out the Flash! Barry will need to use every skill he’s picked up along the way if he’s going to stop this topsy-turvy terror!!

Warner Brothers has not publicly commented on this recent and surprising update.  Stay tuned…

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