New-ish ‘Justice League’ trailer is released

(Justice League trailer contains new shots)

Zack Snyder has shared an updated version of his four-hour (possibly six?) trailer for Justice League. While it’s not an entirely new effort, the teaser does contain some new footage and it’s in black and white. But it truly feels like watching The Justice League. The real Justice League.

There are maybe five or six never-before-seen shots, including a hologram of Superman, Uxas/Darkseid’s arrival on Earth, the Amazons preparing for Steppenwolf’s attack, and Cyborg watching some kids playing football.

And it’s all in Black and White to Leonard Cohen’s Hallejuah. Recently in an interview, Snyder said this would be his preferred way of releasing the Snyder Cut, but it’s hard to imagine Warner Bros. being on board with that format for the movie’s debut on the streaming service. Watch below:

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It’s not necessarily anything groundbreaking, but we think you’ll agree that this is a pretty dope look at what’s to come on HBO Max next year. It’s hard to imagine Warner Bros. going for an all black and white version, but then again a year ago it was hard to imagine WB approving moving forward with a new version of a film that underperformed both critically and the box office.

While there is no set premiere date, Justice League will most likely premiere in early to mid-2021 on HBO Max.

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