Netflix, Wondros celebrate young African filmmakers

(Screen grab of Extraction and the The Ikorodu Bois remake)

Heard of the The Ikorodu Bois? After watching Netflix’s Fans Make the Movies you will. The instantly likable boys are a group of brothers and one cousin from Lagos, Nigeria who “swede” (a shot-for-shot remake of an existing film) their favorite movie trailers in their free time.

Their style is both charming and inimitable – employing a mix of ingenious DIY and childlike whimsy to recreate mega-budget films on a shoestring.

The boys first caught the streamer’s eye when they sweded the trailer for Extraction in June 2020. 

The Bois have now captivated the world because their passion for entertainment is infectious, and they remind us of that feeling we had when we fell in love with movies as a kid.

Ikorodu Bois Quote

For the Oscars, Netflix turned to Wondros and director Stephan Malik to help celebrate the The Irokodu Bois’ passion for film in a new campaign, that celebrates everyone’s love of movies. Watch below:

The boys personify a new generation of global film fans, awakened by new ways of enjoying stories and perspectives from all over the world. Great stories can come from anywhere – including from these ultimate fans – and be loved everywhere. 

By the way, to help support their filmmaking journey, Netflix sent them a package of professional filmmaking gear last August. That feels good.


CLIENT: Netflix

  • Creative: Spencer Somers
  • Producer: Luchis Riquelme
  • Strategists: Adama Sall, Ashley Shaffer 
  • Music Supervisor: Chris Mazur
  • Brand Program Manager: Ali Lee
  • VP, Brand: Eric Pallotta

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Wondros Collective

  • Director: Stephan Malik
  • Sr. Executive Producer: Danielle Peretz
  • Head of Production: Gareth Wood
  • Producer, Los Angeles: Mark Hall
  • Producer, Nigeria: Esse Akwawa
  • Director of Photography, Los Angeles: Chris Westlund
  • Director of Photography, Nigeria: Timmy Davies

POST: Wondros

  • Lead Editor: Stephan Malik
  • Editors: Justin Giugno, Jun Shimizu
  • Executive Producer, Post Production: Janine Sax
  • Online Editor: Chuka Ejorh
  • Assistant Editors: Cory Radtke, Edward Worthy, Daniel Criscuolo 
  • Colorist: Loren White
  • Sound Mixer: Paul Hollman

VFX: Redi Studios

TALENT: The Ikorodu Bois

  • Babatunde Sanni
  • Muiz Sann
  • iMaleek Sanni
  • Fawaz Aina