Is it a Super Bowel or Bowl ad for Mojo Supermarket

(Mojo Supermarket introduces The Money Toilet)

According to Mojo Supermarket, companies burn through massive budgets to create Super Bowl commercials that’ll be the talk of the town but, more than often, the advertisements that they greenlight end up becoming forgotten junk just weeks later.

Simply put, most of them aren’t that good or memorable. To help companies waste this money more effectively, the NYC-based creative agency has created an innovative new device to help marketers senselessly flush their big budgets down the drain. 

It’s the Money Toilet!: A tiny little toilet that helps you flush your cash from the convenience of your home or office. 

Money Toilet will be ironically unveiled to the public on Super Bowl Sunday in a 30-second spot, exactly where its target (marketeers looking to make a name for themselves) will be. Some of whom will have approved the forgettable commercials the product makes fun of. 

The ad leads people to the website “” where people can actually shop a limited supply of these Money Toilets and also adds “If you don’t like wasting money, and want marketing that makes headlines and cuts through the trash— try Mojo Supermarket.”

It’s the most perfect CTA for the agency that is notorious for creating bold campaigns that earn millions of dollars in earned media. Watch below:

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“Good Super Bowl commercials are great. But most marketers waste millions of dollars making bad forgettable commercials for the big game.” says Mojo’s founder and Chief Creative Officer, Mo Said. “We wanted to make their lives easier by creating the Money Toilet, that lets them dispose of their money in a much easier way.”

Last year, Mojo Supermarket hacked the Oscars to get female directors over a million dollars in free media, partnered with Adidas to hold a funeral for baseball, and subverted Instagram’s censorship UX to create a groundbreaking campaign for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty fashion show. 

“We want to end this era of creating forgettable, meaningless advertising and then paying 5 million dollars to force people to watch.” said Said. “If you create something interesting, or funny, or meaningful to people, they’ll become your media plan.” 

Mojo Supermarket becomes the first agency to run a Super Bowl commercial for a self-promotional statement.

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