Lincoln Project recreates ’80s parody for “Regeneron”

The Lincoln Project has recreated a satirical 80’s commercial, mocking President Donald Trump’s recent praise for Regeneron, which sounds like a character in The Transformers. The new video, which feels straight out of Saturday Night Live, depicts Trump as a TV salesman hawking a product in a commercial.

The conservative group, which opposes Trump’s re-election, posted the video on Twitter on Thursday. It uses footage from the president’s own recent video and editing that makes the footage look like a VHS tape recording from the 1980s or 1990s.

The video opens with an old fashioned screen and the word ‘Play’ in a font that will be familiar to anyone who used VHS. “REGENERON!” the Lincoln Project tweeted. The video is a parody infomercial that uses jaunty music and garish graphics to suggest Trump is advertising a miracle cure for COVID-19.

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We have hundreds of thousands of doses that are just about ready,” he goes on. “You’re gonna get better. You’re gonna feel better REALLY fast.”

“Because I feel great. I feel like perfect,” Trump says, as the word appears on screen. “I want to get to you what I got. And you’ll see some amazing things happen.”

In a video message posted to his Twitter account on Thursday, Trump said he wanted all Americans to benefit from the treatment he received. He said of medicines: “I call them a cure.”

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There is currently NO CURE for COVID-19.

SOURCE: Newsweek