JuneShine launches first live TVC


JuneShine – the #1 hard kombucha brand in the U.S. with over $30M raised and 30M cans sold of its insanely delicious, honest alcohol for a better planet made with only real, organic ingredients – has expanded outside the hard kombucha realm with an exciting new product: JuneShine Spirits. 

The new better-for-you, ready-to-drink canned cocktails feature a no sugar added line of canned margaritas, mai tais, and vodka sodas.

The product line launches with “Dodge the Sugar,” JuneShine’s first-ever live TV commercial campaign, which was made in partnership with Stept Studios. Dramatizing the major difference in sugar content between JuneShine Spirits and the other leading canned cocktail companies, the full CGI commercial transports a can of JuneShine’s Tequila Margarita to a desolate frontier in the old West where it duels flying cubes of sugar.

The commercial premiered online April 1st and will have its live TV premiere April 7th during the San Diego Padres opening day baseball game. Watch below:

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“We believe you don’t need 27g of sugar to make a delicious margarita and the status quo for canned cocktails has been established in the 25-30g of sugar range which is totally unnecessary and actually has turned off a lot of health conscious customers from the category. We wanted to highlight the relative lack of sugar in our cocktails in a dramatic over the top western duel commercial setting,” said JuneShine CMO, Forrest Dein.

He adds, “The tv spot was inspired by the Mac v. PC and Coke v Pepsi ads in the past. We wanted to take something scientific and boring like ‘no sugar added’ and make it visually exciting and entertaining so we created this western landscape with Stept’s CGI team and they totally nailed the visuals! It was amazing working with Stept who was able to deliver a super bowl quality commercial for an underdog budget.”

On March 1, JuneShine debuted: JuneShine Spirits –establishing itself as the trusted brand for alternative alcohol beverages and furthering its mission to brew honest alcohol for a healthier planet. By applying the same honest and environmentally conscious production practices they use for their hard kombucha, JuneShine developed a collection of your favorite classic cocktails, but with a modern twist, including Classic Tequila Margarita, Tropical Rum Mai Tai, and Passion Fruit Vodka Soda (with three additional flavors arriving in late Spring)

“Dodge the Sugar” utilizes Stept Studios’ full suite of creative capabilities including visual effects and CGI, all happening under one roof. JuneShine came to Stept with a product brief, objectives and timing and through the combo of editor Pat Hall working with Stept’s Creative department they conceptualized the creative completely. Working with our visual effects team and Pat’s eye as an editor also allowed us to think end to end in our pitch back.

“We’ve worked with JuneShine on a few unique projects over the last couple of years, but this one tops them all,” says Stept Founder, Nick Martini. “Watching our creative team, director Pat Hall, and visual effects teams working together in one room to bring this project to life was really amazing to see. A collaboration from all realms within the Stept world, it was a fun challenge to take on creatively and technically.”



  • CMO: Forrest Dein
  • Creative Director: Kahana Kalama


POST PRODUCTION: Lockt Editorial

  • Director: Pat Hall
  • Brand Strategist, Randall Bourquin
  • EP, Jon Brogan
  • Post EP: Tim Baldini
  • Senior Post Producer, Joaquin Villalobos
  • Editor: Amanda Moy
  • Finishing Editor: Nicole Johal
  • VFX Supervisor: Carl Stern & Max Krone
  • CGI: Max Krone, William Bachman, Justin Bogart
  • VFX Coordinator: Nikita Smekalkin
  • Sound Design & Mix: Eric Crepeau
  • Voiceover: Max Krone
  • Titles: Soryn Mouton & Ryan Stifler
  • Storyboard Artist: Dan Smith